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  1. Ok, it's past bedtime, lol, anyway, i just joined photobucket, uploaded the picture i wanted to use for the image url, and got the image link from photobucket, and plugged it into the slurl maker, and still doesnt work, lol, here is that image url to photobucket: http://i1288.photobucket.com/albums/b495/pariperenti/Adforslurl5small_zpse6978a93.jpg so i am thinking something is up with SL, you may be right about that, they could be having another bad night. take care and have a nice evening! :-)
  2. well i put the picture on the website and here is the slurl with the image url for that, and it still doesnt work, ugg, lol. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elboya/157/191/29/?img=http%3A//pari-perenti.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Ad-for-slurl5-small.jpg&title=Singer%20Pari%20Perenti%27s%20Fashions%20Franchise%20Center&msg=This%20is%20the%20Franchise%20Center%20for%20Singer%20Pari%20Perenti%27s%20Fashions%20where%20Affiliates%20can%20go%20to%20obtain%20her%20fabulous%20products%20to%20resell%20in%20their%20own%20stores%21%0A Even thought this link is cutoff by SL, it still goes to the right slurl coordinates, but still no image as i put it on my website, lol, here is the image url: http://pari-perenti.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Ad-for-slurl5-small.jpg This link does show the image, but when inserted into the slurl, it wont show up on the slurl page when clicked, i think i might just give up, lol, thanks! :-)
  3. and i see the url for my websites image didnt copy in full detail on here, it was cut off after i pasted it in here, lol. so i can see why it took you to my website and said 'oops no image', lol, instead of the picture image, the image itself is called 'Ad for slurl5 small.jpg, and i created .png, and also .gif, which goes after '/images/'and cant get any of them to work, lol, ugg, SL technology is killing me, haha. always so intricate, lol. i will go ahead and post the image to the webpage itself to see if that will make it work, thanks for that idea, this is helping me to get your ideas very much, and this is a great brainstorming thing going on! thanks!!! :-)
  4. well, i havent put the picture itself on my website pages, its just in the images file of the website, which the url i put on here for the image is for the image only, not just the site. this has worked for me before, which is why i think things changed with the slurl site itself. the slurl i created is correct for the coordinates, and it does take you to the exact place for my store, but the image url is what isnt working and its to the 250 x 250 pixel specification as well. i am not sure if the flicr image url i used is correct either, and it is set to public as well, because when i put it to the slurl, that pic didnt show up either, which is why i think i am missing something in the image url, but i just cant figure it out no matter how many times i try different things and i have searched all over the net for answers, lol. thanks for your input, i will keep working on it til i find it, cheers! :-)
  5. and here is the image link i used from my flickr account, but neither link seems to show my image up when i use them in the slurls http://www.flickr.com/photos/97412569@N08/9020787548/ Do you have any ideas as to what i could be doing wrong?
  6. oh mannn, i see the links dont show up here either in full detail, but they do take you to the correct slurls when clicked on them, but still my image does not show up for me, but i hope it will for others, not sure. oh well. here is the image link i had used from my webhosting: http://pari-perenti.com/images/Ad for slurl5 small.gif
  7. Thanks for your reply, Malanya, i apologize that i wasnt detailed enough, i thought maybe there was an image link from the viewer itself from the images i take from in there, but what i do is put my images on my hardrive, then run them through my ftp program to get onto my web hosting, so actually i did go through all that that you had mentioned because i used an image link from my web hosting service, the problem i have is that when i use the slurl with the image link, i dont see my image when it goes to the slurl page, only SL's image comes up, as you may see here at my slurl> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elboya/157/191/29/?img=http%3A//www.pari-perenti.com/images/Ad%20for%20slurl.jpg&title=Singer%20Pari%20Perenti%27s%20Fashions%20Franchise%20Center&msg=This%20is%20the%20Franchise%20Center%20for%20Singer%20Pari%20Perenti%27s%20Fashions%20where%20Affiliates%20can%20go%20to%20obtain%20her%20fabulous%20products%20to%20resell%20in%20their%20own%20stores%21 So, i also tried your idea of using a Flickr photo, which i did here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elboya/157/191/29/?img=http%3A//www.flickr.com/photos/97412569@N08/9020787548/&title=Singer%20Pari%20Perenti%27s%20Fashions%20Franchise%20Center&msg=This%20is%20the%20Franchise%20Center%20for%20Singer%20Pari%20Perenti%27s%20Fashions%20where%20Affiliates%20can%20go%20to%20obtain%20her%20fabulous%20products%20to%20resell%20in%20their%20own%20stores%21%0A But still my link does not show my image, but still the man and woman in the sl image when i use the slurl. my image is sized below the 250 x 250, so i just dont know what i am doing wrong. :-( if you can see my slurls i put here, and if you can see my image, please let me know and i will continue to use the first one thats hosted on my own webpage. if you cannot see my image, i dont know what else to do, really, i have tried using gifs, png's, and jpg's. thanks so much for your help! :-)
  8. How can I create a picture link for an Slurl? when i go to slurl.com to create an slurl, there is a place where you can add a picture, but you have to have it as a link. how do i make the snapshot i took inside into a link for that? i have actually gone through the steps with my own website's hosting, but the picture still wont show up, but i will try to do it with flickr, thanks for your help below, sorry i couldnt find a reply button to answer you, so i edited this original question to answer and to thank you with, lol. cheers!
  9. haha, i knew this was going to be a big issue to resolve. well, i do know that in real life, venues, bars and restaurants have to get the required licensing and pay the royalties, which covers the singers/dj's they hire. On the internet, if you have a website you are required to get the required licensing and pay the royalties if you are going to stream the songs. Being that these viewers, which are not websites, but they are part of the internet, and are "Platforms" that LL provide, then to me, LL should get the licensing and pay the royalties like the rl bars and restaurants have to, but on the other hand, i can see that if the stream is coming from the singer/djs own connection, then perhaps they should also be the responsible ones, however LL says that the streams are not coming from SL, but they are going through SL. i think that this is a very touchy issue that someone is going to have to solve.
  10. Does Linden Labs (SL) have the lisencing from BMI, ASCAP, etc, so that singer's/dj's in SL can play or sing the songs of other (original or otherwise) artist's songs in reference to paying royalties to those artist's songs? Me as a singer myself, hold the right to sing my own songs that I have created, but i do know that i cannot sing other artist's songs without permission from them, either their own personal permission, or being licensed through the Harry Fox agency to be able to sing their songs and paying them royalties in real life, or to be licenced through BMI or ASCAP and the like to be able to play the songs that are not mine on my own website on the interenet. My questions are, what has LL (SL) done as far as music licensing goes and paying royaties to artists, to protect the artists whose songs are being sung and played by the many singers and dj's here in SL, who many may not be aware that they are infringing on copyrights unless they have the permission of the artists or being licensed to do so. Does LL have the license to allow people to sing or dj other artists songs? It is very important for us all who perform in SL to know this if we are going to sing and dj songs other than our own. I am signed up with BMI, SongTrust, and SoundExchange for my own songs that I have created, and i do know those agencies are supposed to collect royalties for me anytime my songs get sung and played anywhere around the world and on the interenet, so i do know this needs to discussed. Many people have gotten sued and fined heavily for not paying royalties to artists whose songs are being played without permission, so please, SL, clarify what you are doing to keep people in here and yourself from getting sued and fined or even prosecuted everytime someones song is being played/sung in SL that is not their own. Us singers/dj's need to know what you have done in this respect to music licensing, and being that this is happening all over SL everyday. Thanks Pari Perenti
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