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  1. Wow,you guys make me excited with your suggestions! :] Now you've got me wanting to go check out Lickquid..I'll pick up an application today,thank you so much for your time!
  2. Hey all,I'm Belle,new to the SecondLife world.Technically not new..I used to play for years,but I quit for about 2,and came to see that it has changed alot.Anyways,I don't want to take alot of time,so I'll get to the point.I'm looking for a job,preferably something I love.I have experience working in SL,and I know what I'm doing.I'll be blunt,I'm not looking for anything escort,stripping,etc related.Maybe being an actress,DJ'ing if I can learn,Photography..ANYTHING.I want to explore my horizons! :} So employers,post here with ideas of what jobs I can explore.And if you're hiring,please,consider me!I'm fun,bubbly,and very optimistic.My hobby is bringing a smile to someone who needs it the most.So if anyone is choosing out there...choose me!Thanks for your time! :D ~Love,Bells~
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