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  1. I approve of this list! I just wanted to point out that the Filthy group has a 50% discount for group members on new skins that come out (I just joined the group so I haven't checked it out yet), I joined for the February group gift because it was so gorgeous! I know this is a skins thread...but I literally have skins from ALL of these stores and I wanted to add that there have been about 3 shapes I have consistently been able to use on (just about all of them) and the shapes are from Mother Goose. I prefer my avatar shape to be not-to-tall and not-to-curvy. Plus, for about 800 L$ you get a shape and like 12 skins + make-ups and teeth options. Btw, everyone should join Al Vulo! because the group gifts are amazing! The M.O.C.K. cosmetics group is amazing too because Mockie gives away LOTS of beautiful gifties too! And I :heart: Mochi. That is all.
  2. I didn't realize I couldn't edit my last post, apologies. I would like to find a mix of these two Dura hairstyles (I LOVE Dura and have several of these hairstyles, but these are not exactly what I was hoping to find). https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Dura-Girl20-Dark-5-color-Fat/2525157 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Dura-BoysGirls24-DEMO/2723419 Basically it should be shaped like the first, but somewhat curly at the bottom. I really hope to find it.
  3. That's sweet of you Griffin lol but I'm looking for the hairstyle in second life that Kimbra has going on in the video. I love this video. lol
  4. I'm hoping this is the right place since I've never actually posted this kind of post before. There is a hairstyle that is on one of my favorite singers that I find just adorable but I've never seen it in second life. I don't think I can post links to youtube....but I can give the title and you can look at it for me (if you wouldn't mind please). Thank you guys. :) Artist is Kimbra and the title of the song is "Two Way Street" (Live at Sing Sing Studios).
  5. Jeez I can't find anything tonight! Please help! I'm pretty sure I've seen it before...and I know it exists because sometimes we need to give transaction numbers for redeliveries...but where oh where is it?!
  6. I'm really glad you mentioned this Lyra. I had been wondering about sorting into subfolders if people were breaking apart whole ensembles to put tops in one folder and pants in another. Since I tend to buy things from particular creators I have it broken down into folders like this: Shapes & Skins - Skins - Shapes - Makeups - Eyes Hair Shoes - Boots - Heels and so on...but my Clothes folder...thats a whole other can of worms! IDK where to start with that! so far i have like folders for the creators themselves! oh its a big mess..
  7. Posts: 1,750 <-- are you always this helpful? *hugs* I had no idea about the urls playing in itunes <3 thank you! Thank you very much too for the sky box changing rooms too. I love the changing rooms Clarissa linked me to earlier in the week but sometimes people popping in and out so often slows me waay down. Plus, there was some odd media thing playing the other night in one of the rooms that was driving me batty. lol
  8. Basically I want a pose stand and a place to set as home. Would also be nice to listen to my favorite type(s) of radio stations while I mess with my avatar too. If anyone is feeling generous I would greatly appreciate it! :smileyvery-happy:
  9. Then this is bull, because the content this creator has made is really good (in my opinion). In the first few minutes I was there several people popped in. So that means as long as LL leaves her stuff up LL will make money off of it? I'd be nauseated if I were her. Thank you for the clarification. I've talked it out with my boyfriend (lol) and this is what I figure..if I report it..the shop could go poof! and I really like that shop. If I don't report it...then people are literally throwing money down the rabbit hole. I've thrown my money away on worse things in life. I really do wish the content creator wasn't getting the shaft tho.
  10. The title pretty much sums up my question. I bought a couple things thinking that the seller will probably get her account sorted and then looked at her notecard again. Apparently this ban or whatever happened back in April! So...who gets her $? Also, who the hell do I contact now if there is something wrong with my purchase? Why on earth would her store be left to just collect $? Seems shady to me!
  11. I did a quick forum search to avoid making a new thread but didn't know how to search properly to find a result. If there is a thread on this topic I would love to read it. Is there a way to sort my inventory by type? Like socks, and gloves, and skirts, etc. This would make putting an ensemble together SO much easier! Thank you! xx Solbrio
  12. Thank you for the replys! Luc, I think I might be able to pull this off. When I log in I'm going to see if that script in the newbie workspace box is abled to be transfered. Will be really nice if I can just drag and drop it. Thanks Peewee! I had been used a megaprim panoramic skybox bubble thing I won in a MM board yesterday. Its stunning but way to huge for what I need. Thank you very much Randall! I haven't been in world yet, will be in a few, but the cushion is exactly like the workshop box I got when I first joined SL. I'm sort of basing my idea on that script I think. If I had to give what I'm thinking of a name it would be like a TARDIS. LOL The inside though only has to be like 1 room (not very big but sort of like a walk in double closet. I'm thinking a window, textures to make it a girly type room, maybe a skylight...Idk...but since no one has said they have seen anything like this before it looks like I'm going to have to make it for myself. :smileyvery-happy: Thank you for the replys! xx Solbrio
  13. Hi! I've been a resident for quite a while but took some time off. Previously I had rented, with my boyfriend, some skyboxes and houses and what not. At the moment though I have been playing solo and have been using a sandbox to organize and dress-up my avatar (feels like I'm playing with a barbie! :smileyvery-happy:) Aaaanyway (sorry!), my question is does anyone know of a changing booth, low prim, sort of like the workspace box, that I can rez in a sandbox and have privacy? I have a skybox that is sort of low prim plus I use the workspace, but all that white gives me a headache when I'm organizing for long periods of time. If there isn't anything like this I suppose I'll have to flex my building muscles again and start working on something. How many prims should I keep it down to if I'm using a public sandbox? I really only need a pose stand and I unbox one at a time. Thank you kindly for reading through this (if you have!). xx Solbrio
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