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  1. Coyote Canyon behind my main's home has some lovely spots, but the two pools at the top of the mountain only have one fish in each and I wonder if they are lonely and shouldn't be kept together in one pool... still they look to be mecha fish rather than bio fish so maybe it's fine...
  2. Thanks! And does it matter if I set all objects to the new group *before* setting the Linden home to the new group?
  3. Is there a way to automatically change all the objects in a Bellisserian parcel over to a new land group? I'd like to share my home with a different group than the one I first set it to... but all the objects currently on it are set to the original group. Do I need to go thru the parcel & change the objects "set to group" one at a time to the group I'm going to share the home with now and then lastly set the home itself to the new group? Thanks in advance~!
  4. About to abandon a HB in Deno in the Squishy- GL to anyone wanting a HB!
  5. Don't think I snapped everyone there, but a few nice pics! Thanks to all the Moles who make Bellisseria such a joy to live in: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmGBUjor
  6. Good going , Sceneris, nice cuts & good flow! But I came here because someone said there were HJs. A good party tho, even if lacking in HJs.
  7. guess I wasn't hallucinating 😛
  8. I certainly hope everyone was evacuated to safety & the Moles will have the area safe for returning Bellisserians (& grats to whomever got the house completely surrounded by mountains- that's a sweet plot!)
  9. Um... not gonna say a thing about what the Moles have wrought in the pics above but I hope they cleared the place up a bit 😛 But the rain .... I have one of Dysfunctionality's rain thingies in front of my HB where I put a water garden in... I have a froggy ambient & that plus the rain drops hitting the water & water plants makes me feel like I'm sitting in a covered spot watching the rain while I sip my tea- which is a happy place for me.
  10. "We can make her ... stronger... faster... better..." Foxy told me that she thinks all the Bellisseria animals will support you finding a new home for their beloved Sanctuary since they all felt safe and happy there and appreciated you bringing so much joy to them, Hamster!
  11. Daniel's Blog shows just how quickly we've grown: https://danielvoyager.wordpress.com/2019/08/17/the-process-of-adding-new-regions-to-the-bellissaria-continent/ The Moles have been steaming along, hang in there.
  12. @PixieFruity there's parties nearly every day and people are quite socialable: https://www.bellisseriahappenings.com/
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