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  1. Is such a smart way to go for LL, imo. A robust middle class spreads more money around than a small population of wealthy people. I'm sure LL will continue to make it worthwhile for estates, but bringing in more people who think a membership and a Linden home is a good deal means more stipends spent on content creators of all sorts and more people traveling around Second Life and telling their non SL friends to come check it out. Multiplier effects on the economy is going to be pronounced. I applaud this direction, wildly.
  2. Because it's not just one wall- it'd require an inset for both walls and because, since no other houseboat locks your color scheme like this, why not just give us options? Especially since the navy color makes some other options we do have undesirable. Like the bright blue color option on the Windlass (can't remember the name-- Aegean maybe?); pretty color but it clashes mightily with navy and I doubt many people will choose it
  3. I tried a script reset, then a Linden tried a region restart & finally, Dottie Linden had to come & pry my houseboat from the sea floor with her bare hands. It was impressive.
  4. Thanks you so much, Elora, for doing this! I know they're busy with higher priority stuff at present, but I'd be happy if they just have us even a few more options- light or natural, etc. Now if they want to throw in a "natural" option for the ceiling beams, I'd be even happier, but that's getting greedy lol
  5. Offices of the Bellisserian newspaper. Here Flickr is down so pardon the not great resolution on the shot. I need to get a lion AV so I can literally be a CUB REPORTER. (sorry, not sorry)
  6. It's a known bug. I had to get a Linden out to raise mine from the deeps 😛
  7. If you want people in the know who will show when you're ready to go, and please pass the word on to others who don't hang out in the forums. The link to Bellisseria Happenings is in my sig and I'll be adding a Link to our fine paper, The Bellisserian, which will be covering events. Free buzz is a hard thing to get these days, so bookmark and share
  8. Where there's two, there will soon be a dozen ^^
  9. Gorgeous color combo. Every post you make, Marianne, I'm over here wondering "how is she so talented?!"
  10. Loving all this creativity & lively interaction (I really do need to get my garbage bin & put it out before my place gets listed as a suoerfund site)
  11. Baphy (my RL/SL spousal unit) is a hella good producer & DJ, but I'm a tad biased 😛
  12. Once Upon SL was super cute. Thanks for that, Suspended. I just started making videos this year & my early efforts are on youtube, but I'm learning & improving:
  13. Teeglepet horse rez, in addition to Teager's two rez spots, I have one in Graff for walking your horse along the beach, like you're the star of the best summer movie ever. Teleport to rez
  14. I really love the Wallower (just wished the front windows opened), and , imo, you're making great use of its space! Beautiful.
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