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  1. That's it everyone, the internet is over. Pack up & go home. It can't get any better than this pic.
  2. No matter what the Lindens decide, the label "political" will be attached to some events and will make some people loudly unhappy. I'm not at all arguing that it should be a free for all and the more clarity we have, the better, but for now the main concern seems to be on getting things built rather than the fine tuning of how the community will use things. Talk ideals and ideas, not parties & labels is my rule of thumb, but we live in tense times and the internet allows a very diverse array of people to get up in each other's spaces (for good & for bad).
  3. This thread wins the whole darn internet. Love how Bellisseria has brought us together and reminded up that we can share our weird, creative, off the hook, joyous and even cranky, unique selves with each other & trust that if we communicate with good will & open hearts, everyone gets lifted up.
  4. I would've loved to take more photos of your lovely event, but Baphy & I left after a short while because people couldn't get into the area & we thought we should leave & make some space for others to enjoy it. The fireworks really look spectacular from the shots I've seen and I look forward to next year.
  5. I hate Mary Louise lol. Oh man is she good at passive aggressive, emotionally manipulative & destructive older conservative religious lady- that's an archetype I def don't want to see in Bellisseria 😛
  6. Just as long as it doesn't become Big, Little Lies Bellisseria 😛
  7. Also follow the calendar of events for Bellisseria at Bellisseria Happenings
  8. *Dies & is dead* That is sooo my dog about eggs. GIMME NEED EM NOW RIGHT NOW MAKE IT HAPPEN, MONKEY Reminds me of this classic from LJ back in the day https://littera-abactor.livejournal.com/7748.html
  9. I believe those are part of the addon that gives you a long narrow bathroom plus room divider for the Wallower... pretty cheap on the marketplace.
  10. I mean, it wouldn't be the worst thing to re render objects that are no longer in region because a neighbor moved, just a little more work, if there is a cap or if a large list causes issues. But, before the refresh rate on the homes page was stiffed (necessarily, imo) there was some flipping of parcels as people hunted for locations with better views and this is one tool to make your parcel have a better view without having to move. Decreasing the churn may be a good thing now as this is currently a scarcity economy.
  11. My only question is: is there a limit on how many objects we can Perm DeRend? Not that I think I'd hit it, but yaknow there are a few parcels I hang out at regularly and over time I'm sure new people may move in there as properties flip and... OH HOLY MOLY WTH IS THAT, MY EYES...
  12. Exactly. I've totally done that in my personal HB's region- not All the Things because I want to see some of the HBs & the beautiful decor of my neighbors, but just enough to make the area feel less crowded, see more of the lovely sand bars the Moles made near me, the sunset/sunrise and have less to render when I log in. For my trad home, I literally just de rendered 1 tree and now I can spy the ocean in the distance from my second floor. Bliss.
  13. I think you misread my humor there... unless you are being similarly mischievous?
  14. Vegetables & fruits... they're good for you! Party of a healthy breakfast!
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