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  1. Who else geeks out about how lovingly detailed Mole decor can be? Share your favorite finds please. I so love these rhododendron by Ancient Mole in my backyard:
  2. I was having a similar thought about SP: landscaped plots without houses, larger LI allotment, but with a strict covenant. It'd be a popular idea, I think, but would the constant policing it'd take be worth it for the Lindens?
  3. @Elena Core pillow pathway is in Dust Bunny's reduced section Nice deal.
  4. Subtle visual path indicators ... & just off them are hidden vistas & hang outs to die for!
  5. No need for sorries, we all know that a busy Mole means more pretty shinies to play with
  6. Saw @Dyna Mole in the 3 region hiking area today and gushed at her about how lovely everything was there before we realized she was wearing a cube & so likely afkish on Mole Business
  7. slow clap for leaning into SL being a place where if you dream it, you can build it; even slower clap for having not one merry fig to give about such concepts as "load bearing" or "architectural integrity"
  8. Came to a really surprising conclusion this week: campers are my favorite Linden Home. Surprising because in real life my wife, my dogs & I have all squeezed into a 610 sq ft home for well over a decade and while IRL I do like the way small living focuses one, ie. less clutter, more time spend on experiences rather than things, I always had mansions in SL to compensate and indulge my inner decorator. On mainland, I've owned so many sprawling huge houses over the years. I got my first Linden Trad back in April, the month they launched and I've tried most every style of LH, except for the bungalows/ ranch style houses, because I just assumed I'd find them too constraining. The landscaping of the camper regions and Campwich Forest really impressed me tho, so a couple of my alts let go of very nice properties .... and I'm in love. The landscaping, the atmospherics, the coziness. I'm done house flipping. Sailing and photography from now on 😛 So here's to all the Moles and their artistic wonders!
  9. Be fun to take a train trip that transitions to a road or scooter trip before ending with a swim/ picnic
  10. So, I've so fallen in love with camping in SL that I had one of my alts actually give up her HB for a camper and I lucked into one in The Beaten Path near the train station I know other train stations I've seen are rez enabled and I wondered if we could have a rez zone for all the stations or is that logistically not feasible; please @Patch Linden ?
  11. Ya, my wife is pretty skilled with our Pacha and can even navigate some trickier canals with her, but our lil cigar boat is still the go to til they give us a few more water regions of "cushion" around the edges 😛
  12. With regions named Lake Hali, Carcosa, and Yorith... one should definitely be aware that residents with familial ties to these regions... many reaching back generation upon generation to forefathers lost in the Stygian fog of history; may not welcome johnny come latelies prying into matters whut don't concern 'em.
  13. if wishes were campers, my alts would all toast marshmallows
  14. I admit I hadn't thought of that... what process would that entail, I wonder?
  15. I too am finding I log into my camper more than my Vics (much as I love them). The tranquil feeling of a lake in the woods is really made immersive with the soundscaping and the landscaping is gorgeous. Kudos to all the Moles, but Garden & Squishy really outdo themselves on the reg
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