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  1. im very new to makeing poses and only just downloaded the above today....i am having problems with SL recognising my bvh file? Anybody tell me what im doing wrong? im going to export, namingmyfile.bvh When i go into SL it lets me click my file to upload but nothing happens(doesnt upload) Thanx in advance
  2. As above...im looking for a sim with good traffic to purchase some land for my store....any good advice ? Thanx
  3. ive just learnt how to make static poses...ive also made my pose balls...anybody have a link for the best script to use ? im a noob at this so all help is great much appreciated
  4. I like to do a fair bit of SL photography and would like to learn how to make static poses...can anybody point me in the right direction on learning. All help is much appreciated. Theo.
  5. 10880 sqm 2490 Prims Perfect for sailing...as above, only 2 sims from the blake sea...im selling this prime parcel for 70K !! You will not find this amount of land in or around this area for this price.... http://http://slurl.com/secondlife/Raimondo/168/122/40
  6. Check out my blog for a photography contest I have organised :) http://degisidigital.wordpress.com/ *Due to forum rules iam unable to give any details here*
  7. All 3 of these parcels have been further reduced !!
  8. We currently have 9 stores and 8 stalls in our new medieval themed market for rent. We are looking to attact all wierd and wonderful store owners to join us in this charismatic shopping area. As the landlord I will guarantee you 1st class customer service with me inworld everyday. I also have a proven track recored in sales and networking so rest assured i pull out all the stops to generate traffic and interest in your store. Rent starts for as low as 100L per week !! Come and be part of this new shopping area and maximise your profits :) http://http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wetas/16/25/35
  9. 10880sqm PRIME parcel with protected waterfront....only 2 sims away from the Blake sea...you wont find a better location at this price. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Raimondo/30/121/23 8704sqm First class parcel with one side protected on the Bingo Strait...direct access to the Blake sea. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Svidler/64/236/22 512sqm protected waterfront..perfect for a small home or store http://slurl.com/secondlife//139/11/23 ***All these parcels are way below market price***
  10. Hi..im fairly new to all this. I have read through all the previous posts..My thoughts are there seem to be alot of doom and gloom about this "promotion" Iam still trying to work out the exact reason? Is this mainly because sim owners have missed this offer? maybe purchased recently or some time ago and paid the full set up fees ? Please do not think im trying to offend people with the paragraph above...as i say im trying to understand..after reading 3 pages of posts im not much clearer. If the $1000usd is waived with you paying $295 up front there is still a substantial saving right? Am i right in thinking...if I wanted to buy a sim should i not look for somebody who is desperate to sell? therefore giving them some cash rather than them handing it back...with the buyer getting a good deal instead of ANY $1000usd set up fees?
  11. ahhh yeh that makes sense to me....can somebody explain "granfathered" to me...cheers
  12. when i look at the tiers for land ownership on mainland...it says if you own a full sim its $195usd yet when i was looking at the promotion it says you pay $295 per month ??
  13. linden to GBP...seems to be a massive difference in a few days :/
  14. when i click a slurl i dont get the option to teleport automatically? im using phoenix...was working fine tihs morning. thanx in advance
  15. 512 sq.m beautiful protected sea front parcel for sale.....perfect for small store or home. http://http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zaitsev/142/4/23
  16. contact me inworld...please dont send me a message here thanx
  17. thanx for the reply...sorry im very new to buying mainland...and understood some of your reply so in short do you think its not a good idea to buy near the blake sea? iam looking for as much open waterways as i can find...and the best place to look. thanx
  18. i didnt think they were limited...is there better options ?
  19. im looking to purchase land in or around the above...as i want the freedom of sailing etc. ive never bought mainland before and some of the prices ive seen are sky high...or are they? im not sure what the going rate is here. Does anybody have a kind of guidline of prices for parcels on these sims? thanx
  20. I can purcahse a 512sqm parcel of mainland and not have to pay tier if i have a premium account ?
  21. thanx for the reply...i was going to post there aswell
  22. Iam in the process of organising a photography contest...i was wondering am i allwed to advertise it via a thread on this forum? I thought it would be best to check first...cheers.
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