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  1. Skyseed, I fixed the problem. What I did was moving the folder "C:Users\your-user-name\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife" aside, so far the problem seems to go away. The Roaming directory has your chat logs, that's why I moved it aside, not deleting it. The related solutions i googled before all suggested to remove AppData\Local\SecondLife. Tried that before this, didn't help. If you are able to solve your issue this way or any other way, please comment.
  2. Now we are getting a pattern here, I am running it on a Windows 7 64-bit machine as well. It seems one of the recent SL viewer update might have broke it for us Windows 7 64-bit machine users. My computer is a bit old, though still runs SL viewer fine up till a few weeks ago. I have tried reinstall, clean up SL local cache. Cleaning up SL local cache seems to be good for one login, subsequent login I got the same issue. I can't possibly clean up local cache every time . Also not a premium user here, I do spend my fair share on buying all kind of stuff, just not interested in maintaining a property.
  3. This started like two weeks ago, now I almost always get this "Darn, you are logged out" blah blah message after the viewer try to load for 1-2 minutes maybe even longer. I tried Firestorm viewer, it works fine. Not sure what's up with the SL viewer.
  4. I thank what she mean was the guy created an account in SL, put her information in the profile and impersonated her. Change phone number, tell all friends about what this guy is doing, maybe also look into legal ways to deal with him.
  5. If you seen them a lot - you even said you AR quite a few times if I read you posts correctly - you probably have some pictures taken. Showing those pictures should go a long way towards clearing things up for everybody. So in short, I say post up or shut up.
  6. Thanks all for the advices. I tried the my.secondlife.com/avatars.name and it worked
  7. Sometimes things just turn out right unexpectedly. Although I haven't been in SL for a long time, I have had such things happened to me a couple times.
  8. Okay just sharing and see if anyone have had similar experience for the sake of fun. One week ago I was at this live music place and saw an AV that I thought was totally awesome. But it was quite late and I had to log, don't like to send out friend request without at least talking to the person -- otherwise friend request will most likely be ignored anyway. So I just jolt down the AV's name and think I might be able to talk to the person later. Turned out I cannot find the AV anyway I tried, might not have recorded the correct information or whatever. Or it could be the account was deleted lol.
  9. If you don't have marketable skills in SL, then earning some extra money in RL to fund your fun in SL seems to be easiest. Otherwise I guess just be patient and learn more SL skills, why being impatient? It is not like the virtual world is going away any time soon. Things like hosting doesn't seem to be very hard, you need some intial investment in outfit and just generally be attentive and nice to people. Whoring around won't earn you new skills, might hurt your self-esteem, doesn't sound like a good idea to me.
  10. I logged in, but inventory take a long time to load, if I try to TP away, I got disconnected. Same with viewer 2 or Phoenix
  11. If the OP care such, he/she can write in the new AV's profile explaining this AV is not really a newbie.
  12. There are tons of lots for sale in Bay City but of course the prices are pretty high. I think there are not a lot of ppl log in and go to Bay City based on my observation, looking at green dots on the world map. I guess the high land price is stopping new residents from moving in there, thus the relative emptiness.
  13. Sounds real, can you detail more what happened when you lose the premium account status?
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