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  1. My peeves: 1. People who take it all as seriously as life or death. Whether its English language or a non-malicious noob appearing on the property (still haven't forgotten that one.....), while these things might be minor annoyances I really don't see treating the individual as if they killed Kennedy. But I'm kicked back like that. At the point were rigidity comes into play it stops being fun for me. 2. Vanity/ego/arrogance. Not even sure which of those pins it exactly, but the sl value of saying things like "if you have noob skin, don't talk to me", "I only rp with people who have a good ao", "oh yes, you really need to work on your avatar". Who told these peeps that maybe (just maybe) the avatar didn't look exactly the way it looks intentionally? 3. People making avatars progressively taller, I suspect for the sheer reason of feeling that they have the tallest avatar, but using "age play" as a good scapegoat. If your hang up is needing to feel "bigger" than everybody just say that. At least admit to your smallness. Good vent. Thank you Pammymy.
  2. I remember that vision. I had it once. .....actual neighborhoods, people walking by. And in truth it exists just not gridwide. You see that (or at least I have) in rp neighborhoods or sometimes they're called "family rps". For me personally I approached "all" of sl as an rp . In a way I still do. Not so with a lot of people. And since they essesntially are using sl as a truely pimped out chat for their firstlife, you end up looking for "an rp inside of an rp" if your view was like mine. Just info that might help.
  3. I'm all for collaring beautiful women AND I have a sense of humor. You rock lol.
  4. For me, when I started I liked looking as much like me as possible. Some people "hate" that and wonder what the point of sl is then. My thing was that I actually like myself physically (very much in fact) so that I wasn't in a hurry to "look different". Height included. I didn't "care" if other people wanted to be 7'10" (although they did tend to look alienish to me -It's the thighs, they just are SO long), that was fine. It only became an "issue" when attempting to dance with or date someone. I can't really date you if you look "alienish" to me Similarly I'm not attracted to tall women. (Some like blonde, some like brunette, some like em packed tight and curvy ) In the end have I changed my avatar height? yeah. but grudgingly so lol. Otherwise no one is "eligible". As for the child avatar thing: ANY thing is arguably "short". If the majority decide to be 10feet tall then 8feet becomes the new fair game. Where do you stop then? EVERY height is "suspect" depending on who's in the room. And that becomes pointless. So (in my opinion) worry more about what's on your profile and whether or not you're saying things like "I'm only in junior high"
  5. While all of the explainations I've read so far are accurate and beautifully crafted (I could never have come up with it). The explanation for someone who has no exposure to virtual worlds is "its like the sims, except other rl people play the other characters". Yes, thats "not even beginning to capture all of what second life is (etc)" but its what "regular" people understand.
  6. Depends on who it is and why I'm giving it. Sometimes I come in contact with nice quality stuff but its for a girl; those I pass on without too much thought; a nice gesture from a friend kind of deal. Those seem to be evening gowns and jewelry. If its someone I think I have a good feel for her personality and I really like her then it goes to things I think she'd like and pick for herself. Could be anything. Most standout thing I can think of was a piece of art. The gifts then are more personal than about being "good merchandise". For the poster who wanted to know what a guy likes, it will depend on the guy. I like art. I like it in RL. A gift for me in SL would be a cool painting. Likely abstract in colors I dig.
  7. I thought moderate was "pg". (???) Could be that its moderate instead of general because of private residences on the sim? Dunno. But if there are some, that'd be a reason.
  8. Gadget Portal wrote: Cinnamon Lohner wrote: You need to understand how the SL economy works. Linden dollars have no value to Linden Labs. When an object is sold for linden dollars, those linden dollars go to that person's account. If that account ceases to exist, then the linden dollars disappear from the virtual economy. LL makes their money on premium accounts, tier payments and the sale of sims (which is really just an extension of tier payment plus setup fees). And they make a small amount on fees when dollars convert to linden dollars and when linden dollars are converted to RL dollars. The purchase of virtual goods simply circulates linden dollars amongst the residents. --Cinn A little off topic, but this argument (by LL, that is) is a bit flimsy. They sell Linden dollars for money. That means they're worth money. I kind of think that argument is just there so they can pretend they're not accountable if something goes wrong, because most people won't go to court over these microtransactions. I think Chelsea is right when she says a court would have to handle any serious issues. If I read it right it actually is that LL is NOT the seller of Linden dollars. A third party is . LL charges the third party a fee for allowing the circulation. In which case, again, they are not accountable or responsible for Linden dollars. To an extent they are in a similar catagory as the merchandise they purchase. At least for LL.
  9. Its a busy song lol. Even Bing Crosby sang it at one point (nope not kidding).
  10. I prefer the interface on Viewer2 also and like BT have had out of focus for the last day. I've cleared the cache so many times its sickening and even rebaked the textures. All I can hope is its a SL problem and will clear itself as mysteriously as it came.
  11. Wait!! What are the "tricks"?? I just recently had NONE of my house objects return to inventory after sending them there.
  12. Stay away from people in RL relationships and RL marriages. There is nothing for you. Stay away from people who "blur" their first life into their SL. Number one indicator they have no idea how to boundary their life in all kind way. Stay away from becoming personae non personae. -Thats a SL person who is no SL person just a lot of alt names for their RL self who is all over the place. Truely, if you need more than one acct , unless you are being griefed, or just deeply want to try something different without losing the established rep. temporariily , it says you need to reexamine why.. People make alts because the truth is they are uncomfortable with their own behaviors.
  13. I log into SL to have fun. At the point I am not doing that whatever is the source is moved on from.
  14. Nacy Nightfire wrote: To clarify, by copied I mean "mirrored" for example, when people come in as role-players, or for slex, or to be "content creators" they can be fixed on the idea that everyone else ought to be in lock-step with their ideas for how to conduct themselves in SL. Yes, clearly diversity is the norm, but at the same time it seems to be repellant to us, more so to some then others. Examining this thru the lens of SL is interesting. You wrote: "Without our brains discerning and "judging" we have no point of reference. " And that's at the core of why SL is so confusing and to some ultimately unsettling and disappointing. I agree with Nancy in total . (Very perfectly verbalized by the way Nancy.) Personally however (and yes, I'm aware of all the "scientific evidence") I am of the opinion that this --> " Without our brains discerning and "judging" we have no point of reference. " is little more than a wonderful cop out crutched on by a large portion of the human race for the sole pupose of not wanting to work a little bit harder.
  15. Elisheva Sopwith wrote: If you want to be in a place where you can be sure from the start what age or gender someone is, and make real life judgments about their real life character, you do know there's a place you can do it, right? Elisheva, can I have permission to put that as a quote on my profile? lol and yes, I'm serious. I dunno the thing "getting" me today is people who SAY they want the truth but when you give it to em they want you to hide it. I met a lady and had meticulously chosen my group memberships realizing they were viewable as a way to "presort" people based on interest. My thinking was if you were "against" or disliked things I liked then no need for us to get tangled up with one another only to diverge at later. This woman who VERBALISED being angry that people were assumed to be this and that only to find out later who they really were then made it her business to "educate" me as to how NOT to disclose those very interests. Pleople SAY they want honesty. They do not. They want you to be whatever is their comfort level
  16. Carole Franizzi wrote: It was in another thread that the comment was made about how the ordinary can seem so unusual and daring in a world where everything is so bizzare and surreal. Everybody SEEMS so young, whereas I'm guessing the actual average age is pretty advanced - however, if (especially if you're a woman) you admit to not being a spring chicken, it's seen as truly odd! The age thing boils down to poor delusional souls wanting desperately to believe that the hawtie whom they're cavorting or romancing with is really and truly a 21 year old stunner who for some odd reason known only to herself has no social life and no boyfriend - despite her youth, amazing good looks and model's body - and is stuck in the house night after night in front of the pc, forced to "date" an avatar operated by a 55 year old school janitor with a beer belly, a wife, three kids and a grandchild. I dunno...you gotta feel sorry for them. You'd think common sense would suggest that maybe - just maybe - when you're a bright young thing in the full flood of youth, freshness and loads of energy, you'd be off actually partying, rather than pretending to party on a VR. Would I have spent time in here, had it been around when I was a 20-something party-girl? Probably not much, if at all. Would I have got SL-serious with some avie operated by a maritally-challenged middle-aged man? Nah...doubt it.... Face it fellas - the young hawtie you're bopping with at the club is more likely to be one of us middle-aged dames, with only just enough energy left over at the end of the day to switch on the TV or pc - no matter how much the avatar seems to indicate otherwise. A final word about what one is wearing. If you IM me in the evenings, it's highly likely that I'm wearing a very loose, comfy and slightly tatty old PJ thingy which I bum about the house in. Yes, i know - it's not what you'd hoped to hear but let's face it - how many women do you know who slip into suspenders and a black lace guepiere to use the pc?? I really needed to read your post. . It didmy heart good . I agree. If you are 20 and Second Life is where you are going for your life experience you have problems. Log off and live the real world . As far as askin rl age, from the prospective of a man, I can understand it. Even with "age verified by payment" you can never be too paranoid. - Esp if the caboose you're following is a basic acct. That being said, th most ......"upsetting?".......displeasing? thing I've encounterd so far that is appearance related (I don't want any other displeasing stuff lol thanks) is the unvarying "perfection". How do any of these folks have any FUN obsessed with being so perfect? For me, I've bought several shapes and I gotta tell you no matter which it was I invariably DEperfected him. It didn't feel comfortable to me ; the dementions on these avatars is delusional to the point of not being fun. And if I'm not having fun here I'm sorry but I won't be staying. Stress and hyper obsession I can get offline. Besides there a "personalization" in inperfection; its those things that creates individuality. Anyway, just wanted to say it.
  17. Heck I'm new and I'm not even shocked. You say you were at the Grand Canyon? No offense, I like explorin locations too, but often ones like the Grand Canyon are not "high traffic"; you're lucky if one person passes through. In this event, you were that one person. And even then from a distance. They kept their clothes on. That to me says they were being conscious of someone AT A DISTANCE. If you go zooming in on people lol ummm..... We're big people. Peeps like "taking a risk" with public sex in rl. You think they will not here? They weren't "flagrant" or they'd have been stark nude. Pretend you didn't see it. After all , no one said zoom.
  18. I see SL as a social utility; ultra-high end party-chat (as in party phones) with nice visuals . It's "fun" because of additional activities that the user can engage in in-between chats or in tandem with chats (exploring , playing games, obtaining objects , creating objects ). As with all chat (or internet use period) the user has the choice of engaging from a "real word" perspective or an "idealised" perspective. Why do it? (shrugs) Nothing good on TV? lol
  19. Randall Ahren wrote: If someone's repairs your sticky door for you, unplugs your toilet, brings you chicken soup when you're not feeling well, always has time to fix your computer, changes the tire on your car in the pouring rain when you frantically telephone late at night, and even makes you cheese sandwiches, is it really necessary for that someone to say "I love you"? Isn't it clear beyond a reasonable doubt that they do in fact love you? It doesn't matter whether they say the words or not. It's nice if they can talk the talk, but what is important is that they walk the walk. Love isn't something you say, it's something you do. Bingo. Celestiall Nightfire wrote: I disagree. Love is something you say. (and do) Only a coward goes through life not declaring their love. It is imperative that love be known. Whether it's reciprocated, is not the point...but to tell another person that you do indeed *love* them...is one of the most profound and wondrous of human experiences. Love...and the knowledge of love..should be revealed...and shared. I think the point was that love does not become authentic because of words. That is an inaccurate tool for measuring whether or not someone loves you. You might very well like hearing it but to accept that as "proof" is how people end up buying into false love. You want to know if someone loves you you look at what they do. Damn what they say. I can tell a woman I love her all day , it means nothing if in fact I can form those words for anyone (and I can, I think most people have the ability to whether they choose to use it or not). The truer evidence then is in my actions. If I tell you I love you and I lie to you what did me telling you I love you get you? If I tell you I love you but I am never there for you as a friend, confidante or mate what did those words get you? Not my love . They got you the opportunity to hear some words. The only time those words have value is if they are confirming what you already experience in my actions. "Hired help" is nice. But hired help, even with high wages only will get you so much "service" (since thats what you have chosen to equate some loving acts with). And even then not performed with any personal investment of concern over you -professional efficiency maybe- but thats what money buys you. If you die in the middle of the night after getting that cheese sandwich its "oh well" from Bill the butler, grabs a new application and you're history. Actually I feel disappointed that a claim of "I can get that from hired help" was even made on this topic; it says exactly what a lot of people feel towards genuine love as opposed to the make-believe they get fed in the media. Love (at least from this man) is not flowers, rings in glasses, grandiose gestures or words. Its me being terrified as to whether or not you are alright because your car broke down and I need to get to where you are fast to make sure you are alright. And if you are convinced that it is "cowardly " if you can't get it in phonetics then I feel sorry for you and wonder what you might acccept. Again, "just me"
  20. I haven't played any of the rps in SL (mainly cuz I haven't found one I like yet) but I rpd other MMOGS for a Loooong time. For me, as an ooc player towards you as an ooc player I aint mad. I might however hate your character LOL. The role emotion can make you feel like "I want to kill that mofo" . And in an intense scenario (long time enemies, you've just had a bloody fight or something) it can feel very real towards the character. However, the best of "rivals" you also ...........miss?.....if they are not around. Emotions easily run high when the rp is hostle. Let it go
  21. I don'r think "adult" locations (which typically really means sex/prostitution type things) get listed so much in the "destination" portion for that very reason. Striving to keep it more "public frendly" maybe. Like you and few newer folks I've been reading here, my prior was a lot of roleplaying (indept typing and that kind of thing) what I'm learning./seeing is that that doesn't so much happen here. Lot of shorter answers/conversations. And I haven't seen a "romantic" oriented rp yet. Sex -plenty . But not adult romance. Kind of an extreme. No sex allowed or" if you're not into the sex don't enter cuz thats our focus" Maybe its that your romantic relationships will have to be within other "generic" roleplays? Dunno.
  22. Randall Ahren wrote: Wisom is in knowing what to ridicule and what not to, and the beginning of wisdom is kindness. I would never ridicule you. Perfectly worded. That being said, I think that the poster who said "just do it" was on the right course. I personally would be "for" such a place but then I agree with plural marriage. I think I am imagining what you are- not a Master/owner set up, not post apocalypse, not "swinging" . An honest to goodness "regular" world where polygamny just happens to be the norm. I guess I would just say, be as explicit and detailed in your summary as possible about what your rp does and does not include/is and is not about. No need starting off with a crowd looking for something that you are not about.
  23. Perspective of someone actually new and looking: It would seem that developers/land entrepeneurs go for the off-mainlain areas where they are free to develope the space to suit their ambitions. While you might indeed find such a person scouring the mainland sales I wouldn't think the offers from them would be all that high because of overall low prices on the mainland. Exceptions of course being a scenario where the majority of an area are already owned by me and I just need the last few parcels. As a "run of the mill " player though, never would I pay much for anything on the mainland (and thats where I'm looking around) because of the pre-existing things around it. Walking in, looking around , I see a bunch of "junk"; bunches of monstrously sized things hanging overhead or nearby my "prospective" new home , mile long bill boards closeby, a huge business (using up bunches of prims for the entire sim) and I don't want to live there. Commercial builds "on top of" your residential space is a "no go". So you pretty well don't see any area as all that desirable. Second life is not "new" at this point, the novelty has faded , and with it the readlily available influx of buyers for goods OR land. Then add in RL availabilities of monies in a time when no one has it and it's an "of course" to not be able to sell it. The only land I would judge as being "oh so desirable " would be distanced from another build by at least a couple meters , and if not watered (cuz it c an't all be water -I'm reasonable) then at least a few trees and greenery should be in the mix. Thats not what you see on the mainland . You see it in private regions where the arrangement of whats where has been very regulated. The mainland then becomes a place for people "willing to try to work around a bunch of eye-sore type builds, without any ambiance (a well placed clump of trees and a rock even) , in order to find cheapness."
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