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  1. I can't find the area in my accounts section where i can change my security answers. Thank you!!
  2. I never cared if someone was voice or gender varified as long as they could hold a conversation. However, i think There should be a system that varifies if someone likes drama .
  3. Message me inworld, and we can discuss what position is right for you.
  4. So sweet, you are not a noob, you are a human being.
  5. You are very handsome, hot picture. shoot me a message some time i think i may have a gig for you. and cool jacket, also is that ohana club ? great place
  6. Yes, it wouldnt be a good....what if i was actually selling seperate wheels ? i provide 24 wheels with the product which is why i listed keywords as "wheels". Not in any way describing the ones that are actually fited to the shell. I think that case using "wheels" for keyword would be approporiate, since iam describing other wheels that ar enot fitted with the model.
  7. Thank you, I made a change to it now, i will acknowledge the mistakes i made, and will take any opinion on the matter. But what confuses me is that most of the keywords you highlighted is also used in other vehicle products, keywords such as "nitro,engine,hot , luxury" can be found in other products. for example, one of the best selling motorbikes which has over 200 reviews on MP has "Hot and Nitro" listed as one of the keywords.Why is it that a select few is punished, when others are let go ?what kinda message does that send ?. If Linden Lab truly implemented those rules and points, dont you think most of the items on MP would be unlisted ? Does it really take an anonmous "flag report" to unlist an item from the PM, if thats the case i wont be surprised if there is an Army of "reporters" being hired by a mastermind Marchant tyring to take out the competetion lol. Also I noticed you bolded the last point under the "branding guidelines", and bolded the word "car" with blue, again, if that point was truy implemented most cars on MP would be unlisted. Firetrucks,SUVs,Lamborghinis etc There are many cars that ressemble real world products on the PM, even cars have names such as "BMW, Mercedez, Dodge etc" yet they are on MP still. But thank you for that input, i never knew "wheel would be considered spam since they are related to a vehicle. Also i provide wheels with the pakage, dont know why that would be spam, but i will be changing it.
  8. Thank you, i have submited a case, its very unfortunate for some people to get their products unlisted without a very specific reason as to why it was unlisted. If you check the keywords used by many marchants there seems to be unrelated words to the product, yet their products are not unlisted cause no one seems to have the time to report it, but theres a select view who get threatened so they take action. Keywords are tricky, some say the same word cant be repeated twice "Beautiful dress, hot dress" or something unrelated to a specific product, if you sell a horse saying " luxurious, animation, quick etc" would leave you vulnerable. It seems theres not enough info on their keyword section in the guildlines. But yeah thank you again, i have submited support, hope they respond.
  9. One of my products has been unlisted from marketplace, this just happened, the product has been on the market for over two months. I dont understand why on earth LL would try to unlist a product from the MP with the allegation that i was "flagged for Spam" or possible "keyword spam" i just started listing products two months ago, but i have read the MP guidlines, especially the " keyword and item listing guidlines " and i dont believe i broke the rules. I double checked keywords, and nothing i would consider to be keyword spam.The point i dont understand is that why unlist "One product" because of keywords, when i use the same excat keywords for all the products, shouldnt they be unlisting all the products, since they contain the exact same keywords ? and if the case is "flagged for spam" why dont they provide any proof of that ? just a Question, any input will be appreciated. This is what i recieved. Message to MerchantWe've removed one or more of your listings under our Marketplace Listing Guidelines. For the specific content removed, please check your marketplace inventory. Before listing items, please review the Marketplace Listing Guidelines. July 23, 2013 15:23Product "************" was flagged for Spam or Disallowed Listing Practices Keyword Spam (unrelated keywords that skew search results).
  10. ☜ Dᴏᴜᴄᴇᴛᴛᴇ Mᴏᴛᴏʀs ☞ Doucette Motors designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes luxurious automobiles across the Second Life grid.Doucette Motors tries its best to keep our clients amazed with our sophisticated state of the art vehicles to put it simply our products are "Engineered to Amaze" ░ Sales Agents ░ Doucette Motors is currently looking for dedicated Sales Agents who serves customers by selling products and meeting customer needs. The ideal Sales Agent must have prior experience in customer service, meeting sales goals, closing skills, negotiation, self-confidence, product knowledge, client relationships, and most importantly motivation for sales....please contact me for more information. Jonathan Doucette "businessmanx"
  11. ░▒▓██ Elite Employment and DJ Academy ██▓▒░ Once you enter the front door you will transit into a world of marketing and staffing, but Waite, that's not it ..Visitors can come in and hangout in the Executive Office or maybe checkout the radio station on the second floor, you can have a look into how the Agency Operates, and our staff will give some tips and Advice while you observe. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Epic/143/20/33 CLICK HERE TO VIST NOW !!!
  12. It is true that the Markets that are flourishing are the ones that really connect with the average user on Second Life, reasons why the fashion industry or the real estate market is flourishing is due to one particular source, and that its because it gives the users the feeling of "belonging". A home ( Estate ) and Beautify ( praise ) . But then again the real Estate market is slowing down, because rates are too high and tier payment is becoming a burden. Users come on SL to enjoy an experience that they could not have otherwise grasped in the real world, so if theres a barrier that prevents them of reaching that which they desire ... Then of course the market will slow.
  13. Hello there, I'm looking for a Business Partner, to run a future Employment Agency with me, yes, i know. There’s a lot of competition out there, but i have the ideas and skills, and iam really confident about what i want to accomplish. I have a well detailed Business Model written up everything from purpose, objectivity, revenue, Investment, resources etc. I will send the Business Model to you as we get to know eachother.but you as my partner must pass the following requirements. A) Similar Background: I want to have a lot in common with the Business partner, but don’t get me wrong I do not need a clone of myself. I need someone who who can sell ad space or sell ice to an eskimo. B) Politically Direct: You must be able to solve conflicts. You must have the courage to address any flaw you find with my ideas and changes that impact the Agency. You must be able to Listen and have the strength to Disagree C) Going Public: You must have contacts in the SL community, and be able to network efficiently. Because people will rent from those they know and trust in the employment Industry. D) Vision: Business Partners must have a vision and see where the business is headed. We must be on the same page. Your payment will be discussed. Cheers to a great future…..and off course a great profit Contact: BusinessManX (inworld)
  14. Blogging is a Channel in which a specific Message gets across, very good for Promoting your Products, I wish you well.
  15. Hello, I'm currently pursuing an MBA in real Life, I use my spare time to observe and yes help new Innovations, I feel Second Life is where to start, where ideas come out alive, I'am a former "Fantastic Furniture " Inter-Designer
  16. Turtle Fall's Shall Prevail. I'am looking forward to It
  17. Tell me the Responsiblitie in Detail. I'am a Former Manager/Sale's Assistent of a Furniture Company here at Second Life. And Be Specific about the Pay. Will there be Promotion'S ?. I have 9 Month's of Experiance in mangment.
  18. Marketing Manager Tell me the Responsiblitie in Detail. I'am a Former Manager/Sale's Assistent of a Furniture Company here at Second Life. But i do have Taste For Fashion Alway's had the Vision of Creating my Own Fashion Industry. We could discuss about The Pay Privatly. Will there be Promotion's ? And Do Specify the Responsiblities
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