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  1. Thanks for the laugh :smileyvery-happy: That was utterly hilarious. This is pretty much how I remember it from Ultima Online, only without the SL-isms. that's funny to see a UO player have you checked into free shards at all or do you not play at all? uogamers.com is a pretty decent free shard.. and yes the RP there is not so.."enforced"..
  2. why? because she likes what she likes? nothing to be confused about with that link and her OP..she said she started this weekend..4/23 was this weekend...l2troll
  3. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: @Rhonda: Like this? way to find it!!
  4. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Now to really show my age ... does any one remember back in the 60's there were these popular posters of young girls dancing. They all had large heads, thin bodies and deep pouts. Maybe the style is coming back around. searched google for a reference.. nothing came up that looked close, can you find a picture? I would love to see an example..
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