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  1. There is a small community here in SL. Best thing to do is join some the gay/gay friendly groups, that is best way to network with other guys into the scene, Brawler Buddies Brawlerboys Fighter Brothers Gay Fight Club Pride Pro Wrestling Wrestling Guys The Bull Ring
  2. yeah i am gonna check it out next. It just seems very odd that I can hear the stream in SL world but no one else can, but given the eagerness of the music industry to protect "broadcast rights" and possibly the radio station to have its advertisers be seen, I can see something like that happening, so that I, the broadcaster, am the only one who can hear it in world while everyone else might have to go to my actual listen2myradio station to hear it. Inconvenient but not impossible to deal with.
  3. According to listen2myradio - i can have up to 5000 listeners, so that shouldnt be the issue. Also it says that listeners can only listen in the subdomain...i am guessing that means within the SIM here on SL but maybe i am misunderstading the subdomain concept???
  4. I've been asked by friends to DJ a party for them here in their SL sim. Went to test my stream and while I can hear the stream I am playing fine in world, others can not or only can for short periods before cutting out. My setup : Broacast out via SAM broadcaster from my computer to my radio station on listen2myradio.com Set the radio in the SL parcel to pick up my stream from listen2myradio.com I enter the parcel and I can hear the stream playing (and no I am not hearing the original sendout via SAM, have that muted on my end to make sure i can hear it in world), but others either can not hear it all OR the stream cuts in and out. They have no problem hearing other streams in that parcel. Have tried telling them to restart their media player, make sure quicktime is updated, have them relog back on, but for some of them nothing seems to work. Any ideas of what might be the issue here - is it a bandwitdth issue for SL users? Is SL blocking the stream because it is not a commercial stream? I know there are workarounds that can be used for the party but it would be nice to be able to get who comes to be able to hear my stream in world if at all possible.
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