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  1. You ask for an awful lot out of a woman without really talking about yourself. Its about what you want instead of what you can give. Like, do you want a sl realtionship? Or one that moves into rl? What can you put into a realtionship that's worth a girl taking the time to know you? Also, you focus tons on physical looks.
  2. There really isn't a furry 'culture'. There's a bunch of people who happen to linke anthro animals and bam. There you go. Honestly, all you need to do is just find some furry themed clubs and hang out. IYC and Yiff are very popular (but also adult) so you'll have no problem finding people there. As for fursonas? Most people pick an animal that reminds them of theirselves or a creature they like. In SL, you have a wide variety of species and makers. It all matters if you want a certain style or species. Heck, you can even peice together one from different things like I did. I would be happy to hang out sometime and help you find an avatar you like if you want. I'm always wanting to meet new folks.
  3. Try Chimera! It might be a seperate ear sold on its own. Looks goatish in shape too. First thought was the Luddi Lamb but this ear is too complicated. I hope you can find it!
  4. You will have to ask the creator if you can. Otherwise, you're out of luck. For mod packs, the sellers most likely mimiced the skin style or got the PSD's from the creator. Keep in mind however, that many creators WON'T do this. You're best bet is to just try on your own or commision. How exactly were you going to use the skin textures though? Like, apply it? I don't know much about psicorp but they should have a PSD texture for modding. Following a PSD isn't too hard and with pratice you can get something good. If you need help though, I can provide some maybe. I haven't done a full skin, but I've textured avie parts.
  5. Be prepared to buy a good amount of money for a custom avatar. Especially a full mesh one! The custom avatars I've seen cost about $200 and up. Otherwise, your best chance is just modding the heck out of something and hope for the best.
  6. Sorry for the bad photo, the graphic in SL have been given me trouble if I bump them up.
  7. I think it'll be fun to just post avatar pics. I think OP was just showing off their avie really. Not so much fishing for praise.
  8. Just FYI, you're looking at about a few hundred dollars for a custom avatar. That's US cash btw.
  9. It shouldn't be too hard to get the look you want. Especially if you go with anthro. The headshape in your picture is more realstic than toony, I suggest Kinzart Kreetures and their dragons. Eastern one seems to be the best fit and I personally have one and its very grand. Modding wise, you can't get full-perm textures. Instead, you will have to learn how to create your own skin and textures. There is also a trick to getting textures from modify prim items that I can show you. Skins are tough, but you might be able to get away with buying the easter dragon in white and then making the stripes a tattoo layer. Actually, I can maybe do that for you or you can get a cheap set that's tintable. I know a place. Hair is...well hair is always tough haha. The wings kinda look like the eastern dragon a bit. So, you may be able to keep them. You won't get a perfect copy without tons of effort. But, you can get something that's somewhat close. You WILL have to spend some cash though. The Kinzart Kreetures dragons cost about 1,000L. But, theya re really worth it. I would more than happy to help you out and give you TP's! Just send me a notecard or IM! : D
  10. Not bad! I really like that hair! : O
  11. KlistiesSeMio Ewinaga wrote: TL;DR since I'm really tired of fighting when I didn't even mean for this to happen thanks so much guys A+ you wore the part time fur down congrats I bet you're all proud. --- I just wanted to know why people hated on furs in general, and in rp because I noticed this consistent banning. I got my answer by all the convoluted and half hearted attempts at explanation. I do NOT WANT PREVIOUSLY EXISTING RP SIMS to open up for furs because THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. WHEN DID I SAY I WANTED THIS? I was just wondering WHY. You guys say I am hostile, well of course I'm hostile, you're backing me into a corner and claiming I am going to fly into a sim wearing a 8' tall bright pink husky avatar with glowing eyes and a cyberpunk outfit in an urban rp. Because of course that's what all the other furs do so I guess that means I am going to do much the same. Okay. You claim all furs ignore the rules and want them bent to their whims and troll sims who don't do so, and I'm sure some do. But please, tell me when I said I came into a sim demanding they change for me? PLEASE. I'm VERY INTERESTED to find when I did this. Maybe I blacked out for a while a few years ago. Please also tell me how I need to change and adapt to the sim, when I TOLD YOU ALL THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING FOR YEARS. Please, keep telling me I need to conform to the sims rules and standards. Please. I don't think I've heard enough about what I've been doing already. Basically, I was just expressing a wish to rp with my fur avis that I worked hard on to mod. I now see that will never happen. That's fine, I just wondered if there was any way that I could do this. I'll get over it. I'll be upset, but it's not the end of the world. I'll just wear those avis out shopping and when I'm chilling with friends. I've never been kicked out an rp sim before and I don't plan to start now. I'll just stick with my pretty human avatars and call it a day. - (Also I stretched the prim up to my avis head even after the automatic reader told me what it was. I know how to measure properly I've been here since 07 and I know LL never fixes their issues with the avi height. And Penny, I linked that minotaur and called your avi 'safe' because it has a human face, so people (not just rp sims) don't fear it as much. Most people don't bat an eye at animal additions as long as the face remains more or less human. They start to avoid you, however, once you lose the human facial features.) I don't think anyone is saying your avatars are like that. There are people who purposefully break the look and rules of a RP sim and then whine about it. Yes, a good chunk of them are furries. No, its not the majority but its still enough to make everyone else look bad. Just about any group has this problem. The reasons given by Penny make sense. Running a roleplay sim isn't the best job in the world so if a moderator says you don't fit then maybe you just don't. I've seen a bright green cartoon husky wearing a suit try and work his way into a high fantasy roleplay. Yeah, it would be nice if people didn't just strike furries off right away. But, with the choice of avatars out there its very hard to make something work in a more realstic roleplay. I don't think its worth getting upset over.
  12. Well, the good (or bad) thing about rp sims is that they seem to come and go super quickly so there is always a chance you'll find one down the road. Or maybe even the owners would be open to suggestions? I remember being in a rather popular one that was open to creating new races, within reason, for people. I really hope you manage to find a few that suit you! And if you see a furry-open 'regular-life' roleplay sim please shoot a pm my way!
  13. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Pussycat Catnap wrote: KlistiesSeMio Ewinaga wrote: If I'm not mistaken, I believe it's censored because it's considered a derogatory racist slang term. Much like the N word. Not in my native language, American English. Its a word about as offensive as 'French'. But it does look like online, I see an equal number of articles saying it is as I do saying it is not. Most of the 'it is offensive' articles seem to be English and not American, which is why this is news to me. Now, if it -IS- an offensive term, then putting an '*' on it doesn't make that any better. And while it may not be in my culture, if the poster felt the need to put that '*' then it probably was in their culture... so they've got a lack of an excuse there... Gypsy is most definitely offensive. Extremely offensive... in fact, disgustingly offensive and ridiculous. Yes... definitely, extremely, disgustingly, ridiculously offensive. ...Dres When discussing the subject before, I was asked to please spell it that way. I guess the habit never changed. It is a slur and I apologize for bringing it up in a discussion that didn't need it. It was late and I'm not too quick at thinking around that time. : B
  14. I can understand perfecty why people wouldn't want furries in a rp enviroment. Often enough they're distracting and clash terribly with the setting. A bright colored husky demon? What bothers me is when I'm reading a sims 'guidelines' and they talk about how open they are to so many races and creatures! Yet, I ask about an anthro unicorn that fits the setting and I get 'tsked' and blown off. Then they let some 'gyp*y' sterotype run around. Its boggling for the most part. I'm ended up giving up on most fantasy roleplays. Not because they don't accept furries, but only because they seem to accept cookie cutter races. Also lycans of course lol
  15. Wow, you've got some nice parts listed. My advice is to wait and save your cash for a custom. It'll be very VERY costly though. Most decent avie makers start around $300. That's USD. Added to that is it seems your character is rather complicated which just adds onto the price. I've seen some fantastic modding done with multiple parts however if you have the time to re-texture and fiddle with it. It'll be cheaper in the long run and with so many parts it should look orignal.
  16. I've had training in graphic and logo designs so I can most certainly help you. Are you wanting to pay? If so, I'll be inworld later tonight so just message me and we can talk. I am also trained in photoshop and other adobe programs if you really want to stick with photoshop.
  17. Unless the shorts are full-perm and the creator gives permission you can't sell them even if you make them into a skirt. Do you have a picture maybe?
  18. I'm not sure about the ears but I know some similar ones. Free too. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Paws-Big-Ears/4101594 Fully mod and comes with PSDs. Can't really beat that.
  19. Bright Corpation Sandbox? They have adult ads I think that aren't too pricey. A good bit of traffic too.
  20. I'm suprised there aren't any. Nor any mod kits to make one. The best advice for your friend is to buy a 'base' avatar and mod it to look like a coyote. I mean heck, I found someone who modded a bat head into a pig's head and it works very well! I'm not sure how different wolves are built compared to coyotes but if theren't aren't too many differences I've heard that the Kinzart Wolves are good. You can check out slarf.com and they have tons of wolves there.
  21. I hope you don't mind me asking but, Are you sure its other people being stuck up? Sometimes it can seem that way but you have to remember that friendship isn't something that just appears the instant you start talking to someone. Sometimes you have to start up a convo yourself!
  22. Spare Parts has some very nice handhooves. Comes with the texture and also mulitple hand states. Very nice and I personally recommand them. As for avatar mods, as far as I know there haven't been any creators forbidding them. For Curious Brand, no I don't think Uchi cares if you mod as you can see by the sheer number. If you want a better selling mod, go the the chinchilla. As for Curious mods, there is a horse muzzle avaiable for the rabbit they sell for free. But, I modded it to fit the felis somewhat decently so you can try that. But, there might also be a mod for the chinchilla. Try looking at Chimera. If you want, I can give you LM's later on.
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