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  1. UncommonTruth wrote:

    Saraya, I Love that dress too! You look like a celtic bride or something, very pretty 

    Kelli, your pirate definitely has the booty!  
    Great shot

    Raven you look so pretty! Were you going dancing? Love the hair too

    edited cause I thought I'd already said WOW to Marianne's closeup, but guess I hadn't D: 


    My newest crosspost lol, since I'm not on as much, I don't take as many pictures and the ones I do take I wind up posting Everywhere <_<  oh well, this way they're well documented :smileylol:


    Went to a live music event at a mansion.

    Thank you :D


    Like your garter :)


  2. UncommonTruth wrote:

    Raven1 Short wrote:

    A bear a banana and me.




    Hahahahahahahaha, you're letting the bear drive your banana?! You're very trusting! :smileylol:

    Well, he won't let me drive!

  3. Saraya Starr wrote:

    NealCrz wrote:

    Raven1 Short wrote:

    cold logic shopping.jpg


    Cold Logic shopping with Sara.

    50% off sale!

    I'm always at the wrong store ,  damn!  ,,,,,Sistas looking good.

    Yes we some hawt sistas


    Have to post MY pose of the dress.. pokes her little sis and grins



    Yowza again :P

  4. Dresden Ceriano wrote:

    Saraya Starr wrote:

    LoriLexa wrote:

    Thank you Saraya and your pics are amazing, I love to see all the different outfits

    You are welcome Lori.  I love seeing new people here and their pics.  I am afraid I am a fashionaholic? I love trying new things..lol

    I am still learning Photoshop, so many of my pics are hit and miss

    I could fill many pages with all the clothes I have in my inventory but I am afraid people would revolt and come after me with torches, screaming, " burn the crazy woman!"

    Who cares what people think?  You just keep posting as much as you want.  I may not always take the time to comment on every pic, but I always enjoy seeing them.

    Here's one I took of myself last night at a Wizard of Oz themed party...


    ...Dres (Eat your heart out, Billie Burke.)

    I think the chest hair  makes the outfit complete :P

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