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  1. something i should say, we can start small with paying per ride, so you make one ride, i pay and we move on to another if you wish, we can stop at any time so there is no pressure, even if i only have one ride i think i'll be reletively happy
  2. Hello there... now this may sound a little mad but... i need a theme park, an entire theme park, i want to have a replica of the 2005 pokepark in japan, i have photos and videos showing the park in it's entirety and a drawn map from the park showing the placement of the attractions, the only thing i don't have is photo's of inside the buildings but i do have photos of what's inside japans PokeCentres so we know what it would be like. this is a big job and will need multiple builders if we are going to get this done in under a year, i have very little knowlege with anything outside SL such as maya or 3ds max so meshes and sculptures will be all up to you, once we have enough rides i'll buy a sim and place them. Reason why: back in 2005 i was only 11, my family didn't have a lot of money and i didn't even have a passport. That christmas i got a magazine, a pokemon magazine, i coloured in the pictures and checked off the games i had in the back but there was one double page poster which was jaw dropping... a pokemon theme park! it had latias and latios on a swinging ship ride! it had a rayquaza rollercoaster! and bumper cars with team magma and team aqua! it was the coolest thing my 11 year old brain could think of, i begged my mother to take me there but little did i understand that because it was in japan we would never be able to go... the next year in 2006 the park closed down and my dreams of going were crushed, throughout my life whenever i looked at a theme park or heard about one i felt depressed and longed to go back in time and rides those amazing rides... i never thought i would until i found a theme park in SL, i then realised that if i spent enough money i could have my own personal pokepark created and i could share it with everyone! i could finally relive those childhood wonders and actuially go to the theme park of my childhood dreams. even if it's badly made, even if i can't afford the sim for more then a day... even if i have to spend my savings i have to see the park at least once in my life... so if you are a builder or know someone who is then please let me know, my dreams are riding on the hopes that people respond to this. here is a link to a drop box with all the photos i have plus there's the video bellow. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/58ocgjbjm4wpr7m/AADqRKfmn3Sgd_1J32RBQIVCa?dl=0 if you need more photos let me know and i will get all of my friends looking for more.
  3. i purchased an item but it charged me for 4 of them, i don't know whats going on but i don't want 4 and i would like my money back
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