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  1. For no apparent reason, when I now go to 1st person mouselook view, the view just floats around. For example. I go to 1st person view and look around by moving my mouse. When I stop moving the mouse, the view continues to "float" in that direction so I have to counter move my mouse to stop it but then it starts to float in the other direction. To center I have to go out and in of 1st person. I have not done any changes in settings. The only thing I have changed is upgraded to windows 10, but it seems unlikely that has anything to do with it. Any tips appreciated.
  2. In theory I am a big fan of SL's ambitions, being a 3d internet platform. But really, how can you fail more than Second Life has? It's beyond a joke. How can you ever hope to attract the mainstream people if the product continues to be extremely laggy and buggy, year after year. Even though broadband speed and computers keep getting faster and better, SL keep getting slower and more buggy. It's Moore's law in reverse! I find that truly amazing. :) The SL client I had 5 years ago was more stable and a lot faster than the one I currently have with my 10x better computer. SL was hyped in all the media a few years ago and it failed to grab that opportunity to become something mainstream. Now from what I can see, it's failing to keep it's existing userbase with continious extreme laggy and buggy performance. SIM's that used to be very popular are now more or less empty. So, is SL the epic fail in the internet world? Discuss!
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