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  1. Hello there, I have been working on a lipstick texture for the CATWA bento head for a while now. It looks alright, but when I try to make the texture semi transparent, it comes out with sharp edges and no transparency anywhere. I have used the steps to make an alpha mask in the alpha channel by selection, even did the steps to mess with the levels of the colouring to make it more transparent in Alpha channel, saved it as a 32bit .TGA file, even as a PNG file, but the lipstick remains harsh lined and opaque. I used several tutorials for this, hoping it would work, but no matter if the step
  2. So any of you having any problems buying any lindens? very time I keep trying, it keeps saying it has a problem with billing or something. So, I guess I could go to support, but it wouldn't be any different than already knowing they will not help at all. So is it the pennies, what?
  3. Paypal heeft gewoon een IDeal optie, dus die overzetting is niet nodig. Alleen een beetje valuta berekenen als je lindens wilt kopen. En zolang je geld er op hebt staan, hoef je geen credit card te koppelen. Want dan willen ze een US geplaatste bank rekening en betalings informatie hebben. Zal op den duur ook de grootste smoes van SL worden als je een klacht indient, dus vooral niet op de centjes letten, due kunnen nog wel eens een storing veroorzaken met de betalingen.
  4. Then why is Lindex so adamant on limits, and unable to resort to payment other than wanting to have yet again, more credit card informations? Were you on the side of Linden when they wanted to stop the resellers, because how fruitful is the Lindex, as opposed to the support from the resellers themselves? I know it cannot be turned back, but the amount of aggravated customers, a well based support, flowing currency that when there was no payment option, there was still a way to get lindens with trusted brokers. Now it is; Error in payment. Linden's r4eply: Use a credit card to show if you
  5. Does anyone know of a trusted reseller who is able to just use the paypal wired transactions, to trade the money for lindens? Seeing how I read some posts about people not being able to buy any lindens using Lindex. So, if anyone wants to start up a Paypal transaction, and at the same time being trusted enough to give the actual quantity. Yes, I already had support, and their copy+paste answer. This will take more than days, as they also work on their other SL world. So, if support actually helps, why can't they delve into this matter more. Enough about that, who wants to do this solid?
  6. Bitcoins have been under the unable to properly inform their numbers, label since the beginning, even the number they stated is still up for research for they do not know where it ends, and farming them does not cost one a lot, just multiple computers and a stable internet connection. Unless that is also different in your post, but then again, do not digress, do you know how to solve the linden matter? Or are we again digressing with how economy works? Because there is a whole market just waiting to gripe on the royally spoiled credit card users.
  7. I am talking non-US based, the amount of bitcoins are fluctuating. Everything I do, is non-US based.
  8. If you read the whole of my comment, without just taking a bit out of it, it says in short. Get those mesh objects, but at least work on base avatars until you get the hang of it, so you atleast understand the mesh parts. And those mesh avatars are actually not hard at all, you put them on, if they are good ones, as I provided with a good mesh body name, then get a mesh head, where I provided with a good retailer that isn't high end on the price. Then as you put them together, seeing how you are probably going for a caucascian skintone, there is absolutely nothing that you need to do. The
  9. Currency, towards the last statement. It is not done.
  10. Bitcoins do have an unlimited number, for they are farmed using a lot of computers, servers and any mining program for bitcoins. Trust me, I read an extremely complex article about it, as well as a friend being able to farm them, with the extra of actual payment with bitcoins. Farming them however, needs a lot of electricity, so in the end, you might need to balance that out by ways of how much you are willing to invest in farming bitcoins. Now why does LL need me to have a credit card for the rest of my payments? Is this an US warranty of not being stalked, put on some death list, for not co
  11. Buy a mesh avatar. Do not use it yet, buy a mesh head, do not use it yet. Now, go make a whole new shape, forget those classic option avatars. Edit the wonkiness out of it. Create, inspire, Do it. Fight with windlights to see how it looks in different lightings, undergo that awesome feel when you figure out that the bigger the boobs, the weirder and bumpier they look (broccolli) The nose's features that go from horrid, to satisfying, and back to horror again. What looks best on you, put it in, go as far as you can limit yourself, create something, that when you finally do use your mesh body.
  12. What I still remember it is called Added expenses. Unless they buy a stock comparing wholesale, that thing before it comes in the stores, between factory, shipping, and ending in a stroe, let alone their "we made this, so we add money on to it" But it is usually wholesale prices that keep things in the industry low, whatever is high priced, came from somewhere, and along the way added up some selfish reasons in currency. However, I am no master in currency, only caluclatinbg their life's expectancy, worth, and th9ose "selfish currency" to make everything expensive. I cried when I found out
  13. Best guess would be that it is Dura hair, Dura hair at least, it appears as such to me, and I find it quite weird for a blogger to not know what hair it is, unless he really did not find the filre for it, but best of luck, scour a bit through the male section and go back to the year2011, maybe it will be listed there, or just go visit the shop inworld.
  14. I tried paying for my lindens using the lindex, having enough money on my paypal for doing so, as well as still waiting for my lindens that I should be getting for having signed up for premium quarterly. Now my biggest fuzz is that I cannot buy any lindens without getting error messages, having to search in the troubleshooting for billing page, re-try getting my lindens, but unable to do so. I also want to change my home on sl, because it is absolutely small, could not for the life of me be able to decorate it with that low prim count, two chairs, a table, and not even a bed, that was it. Real
  15. Cool cool. I hang with humans etc. Not so much with furries. For some reason, I always meet the ones that: are: Really mean and nag about every word you say, have an IQ lower than that of a chimpansee and makes me wonder how they are not supervized 24/7. Only twice have I met a furry that was chill. That is pretty much disappointing, because they usually look pretty cool. Sometimes. >.>
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