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    Banned from SL

    I was just now sending a message to 'support@secondlife.com' and I just realized this help email is useless, so here I am ... I was banned from SL for an unkown reason to me, maybe it was a mistake, dont know exactly. Now, after a long absence from the game I wonder how and what I should do to play again this wonderful game. I am deeply sorry for any malicious actions I had made in the past, whatever they may be. Someone help me please ...
  2. Desumano

    Banido do SL

    Estava agora mesmo a mandar uma mensagem ao email 'support@secondlife.com' e afinal de contas este mail nao me serve para nada, portanto aqui estou eu...Fui banido do SL por razoes que desconheço, talvez foi um erro, nao sei exatamente. Agora, ao fim de muito tempo de ausencia do jogo, gostaria de saber como e o que devo fazer para voltar a jogar este maravilhoso jogo. Algum me ajude por favor...
  3. I have already downloaded the versions 1, 1 beta and 2 of SL and I still cant log in, when i try to do it a message appears on both versions stating 'Login failed. Second Life cannot be acessed from this computer. If you feel this is an error, please contact support@secondlife.com'. ...OK, so here are the facts: 1. I have WINDOWS 7 2. I have all the SL requirements in my pc. 3. This is not the first time I play SL, I've playing it for a long time. 4. I created a new character and it still failed. 5. My password is correct. 6. My friend's pc is also WINDOWS 7 and for some reason he can log in a
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