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  1. Hey. I've had an account for years but just started playing so sorry if this is a simple fix. I just demo'd some head and body skins which I ended buying. After installing the full purchased versions of the skins they applied fine everywhere except for the demo body skin I had on stayed stuck only on my lower neck/upper chest (below the head/neck portion) and on my left hand. I have tried everything I can think of and nothing will get rid of the parts that have the demo skin stuck. I have a signature Gianni body and have tried with and without boom, changing skins, removing everything and resetting my body... nothing is working and the demo parts remain no matter what I do or what skin I wear. The merchant I bought it from hasn't responded. Pic below to show what I mean. If anybody knows what the issue is and can help me I would be incredibly grateful. After a week of trying to get my avatar set up I would just like to finally be able to play.
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