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  1. Hi second life users, I am posting a thread to get your opinions and feedback for help with my dissertation. I am researching racial identity in cyberspace and would like to hear your views on a few issues. I would be very grateful for your help!! (This information will not be used for any other purpose and is for my University dissertation only).   Here are some questions to think about...   Is your avatar the same racial identity as your offline self?   Are you more likely to interact with avatars of the same racial background as yourself/or your avatar?   Do you take into consideration other avatars racial background when in Second Life?   Are you more likely to explore places in Second Life where you are more likely to meet other avatars as the same racial background as you?   Do you think avatars hold the same preconceptions from the offline world in terms of racial background?   Have you ever come across any confrontation because of your avatars racial identity?   Do you think it is ever possible for an avatar to be anonymously raced?   Thank you for your time.
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