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  1. Thank you for your resonse and guidance to another section I didn't see. I am going to try and see if I can do this. I'll post up my resault here in a bit.
  2. I am going through the LSL List wiki to learn to use Lists. I am trying to compare two list and get a resault from it. My script below keeps coming up "its something" when the lists are different from each other. I'm trying to get it to say FALSE aks "its something else". Am I comparing the type of list? I tried inputing "a", "b", "c" in NewList and still get the resault "its something". list MyList = [1, 2,3]; list NewList = [5, 6, 7]; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { // llOwnerSay( (string) MyList ); // outcome: abc123.140000<0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000> if ( MyList == NewList) { llOwnerSay("its something"); } else { llOwnerSay("its something else"); } } } EDIT Ok I just found out if I set MyList as list MyList = []; I can get the message "its something else". I thought when I compared the two lists I was comparing the content inside. My new question is how do I compare the content inside my two lists?
  3. I am bring the topic back up for help. I am still not able to get my cooking system right. I will re ask for help here. I am in need of guidance to help develop a cooking system that will follow a recipie and will deliver the resault of the out come to the owner. I am using LSL List and I do not feel like I am getting any resaults out of it. I can offer my work inworld when we can get together. I can always try suggestions through here. As far as I know this is being done by another system or two but I want to develop my own with my own food.
  4. I am trying to make my RC Saucer move around and have my camera follow that prim. I tried the exsample from the wiki and it had my RC Saucer go to my camera. I want to move my saucer and have my camera follow it. I need help figuring a way to go about this. METHOD #1 I thought about setting a timer that will go off ata set time and force the camera to the saucer position. I was going to get the saucer postion from a secert chanel.
  5. ahh I forgot we can use http to activate a script. Thanks for joging my memory Xiija. I am looking into sending/recieving a message between objA and the personal server. I am going to look around to see what I can find. The end result I want to have the personal server send back a message to obja inworld to give a command of action. i am making my own version of a cooking stove so I can get food from a result of "cooking" the ingredients fyi.
  6. Can we run a SL script from our private server instead of running them inworld?
  7. I'm tossing around a few concepts here and there on some paper at home aaaaannd I'm over thinking how to do this by ALOT hahaha. Do I want to keep the programing in SL or do I want to use a private server. Do I want to use listens or do I want to check inventory? Its alot to think about ya know..and I havent even thought of a menu yet or my first dish to cook.
  8. Feel like I will turn into a vampire if I try it. Hahaha
  9. I saw and smelled my first blood pudding where I nearly gaged to death. Shocking other areas on this marble that is a food of choice. Just...BLAAA to me.
  10. I would think that being able to trade recipies let alone make your own would be unqiue twist. We all come from different areas of the globe. I just so happen to run into alot of folks from Texas and/or England...it be nice to see different styles and blends of foods ya know.
  11. WOW that looks mouth watering good. I can't believe there is not more sl cooking on here. I'm watching tv and was thinking I wanna cook that! It was sauted mushrooms and stake. Baked potatoe with chive and cheese, home made apple sauce to the side. big ol salad bowl with bacon bites. MMMMMMMMM
  12. For a odd ball reason I had the need to cook today in SL haha. I checked out current systems and was like I totaly should make one too. What would you create if you could cook ANYTHING on the globe? Man oh man I would fry up some ham and eggs. But it would have to be hickory ham. MMMMMM wash it down with organge juice and have some grapes on the side.
  13. Never mind. It's a compolition of how I sculpted and uploading. I got it figured now. Thanks for the help.
  14. I might have uploaded wrong. I am not able to set PHYSICS_SHAPE_TYPE_PRIM. I am not givin the option for PRIM but I am given for Convex Hull. I selected it as a building componet when getting it uploaded. Link a prim and setting that prim to root didn't help either. I went through the building but not the root prim.
  15. I uploaded a mesh building I created and found that I am not able to walk through the opening of the building. I might have skiped a step in something but right now my mesh building is being as solid as a cube. Its simple 1 room building with a door way that is big enough to fit through. Did I miss a step somewhere?
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