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  1. idk but under 'Buy Now' it says 'Finesmith Designs' & under that it says visit store click on that... the only skin stores i know of are... *LAQ *Unique Megastore *Curio *Belleza
  2. uninstall the viewer & delete all hidden files... then reinstall the viewer < the new version..simple!
  3. i dont think you can get a life bar & i dont think you need it x.x if you have been bitten by a vamp then you need those green apples etc... to regain health
  4. kylievsu


    to underender someone tp out of the sim & back in or relog or change group tag
  5. tell the person who sells the dragons to give you another HUD cos you lost the previous one or you can ask them if they can give you another dragon package cos you lost the HUD...etc... you could also clear cache & relog i guess....
  6. my viewer doesnt let me log in after 8am slt for some reason but lets me log in at 4pm slt idk why though...so confused :s (UK timezone would be 4pm & starts to let me log in at 12am) HELP plz!
  7. people see me wearing something im not but i cant see me wearing what they see me wearing... ...help... i tried everything > clear cache & relog, edit appearance, rebake aka CTRL + ALT + R, character test... EVERYTHING i also uninstalled & reinstalled the viewer O.O...hidden files were also deleted....i donne everything & nothing works :( HELP!
  8. how do i change from honored resident to something else e.g. Helper, Advisor, Recognized member? etc... :s
  9. Easy^.^ 1. Go to Inventory in your account 2. Open the pic you want to up on your profile pic 3. Click on Save as to save it in your computer 4. Close the pic & go to your profile 5. After you've clicked on your profile a window will pop up on the side in SL 6. Edit your profile 7. Beside the pic thing it will say something like choose a file... etc... (i think) click on that & then find the pic (in your documents/where you saved it etc...) then click ok 8. Then click upload
  10. what do i need to make SL clothes? what tools? how do i create them etc...???
  11. i thought Premium accounts don't expire at all ??...
  12. hm....hard... i don't think that's possible? i've tried to do that but didn't work
  13. you can also change your name in Secondlife.com (website) if you want to add special characters in it... 1. Log in SL (website) 2. Type your SL name on 'search' 3. See your profile & click 'Edit' 4. Click on change name etc.... 5. put in characters u want etc...(for new name) e.g. heart/symbols etc... 6. Copy & Paste to where it will say repeat 7. finally click 'Save' ...(that's how i change mine ^.^)...
  14. Does anyone know how to create & sell SL babies (like Zooby babies)?? what tools do i need etc...?
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