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  1. I have a problem :( . I've been on second life for almost a month now. Since I don't have a credit card to pay for SL Lindens I immeadiately started searching for a way to recieve lindens for free. Eventually I came across metaRL.com, which said they could provide the Lindens if I completed survey's and other things. Well, I completed the surveys, and Eventually stacked up Around 570 Lindens. The problem is however, Its been weeks and the only amount of Lindens I've recieved so far is 20 $L (which I'm not even sure it if came from metaRL.com). I've tried contacting them 3 times already, but weeks have gone by and I've still recieved no reply. I even recieved a letter from Second Life saying I have Lindens to spend, but I didn't even recieve any amount of $L until a couple of days ago. The Lindens are still not in my account, and I was wondering if someone could give me some feedback. Is metaRL/com just a scam? If it Isn't, why haven't I recieved my Lindens yet? And in general, what the heck should I do? Any helpful feedback would really be appreciated. (By the way, how do I send an Email to Second Life for help?)
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