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  1. Plenty of Room to build on flat land and also water now only 10k
  2. 8192 sqm - 1875 Prims - Mainland No Covenant - Residential Commercial - Waterfront w/ Access to Linden Channel. If you want some of the items IE sand and cliff IM Starr heron. If not just do a return after purchasing http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Netherbeck/60/172/40
  3. Something wrong with draw distance. My one property runs at 1200 kbps at draw distance 256m my other 100 kbps at 256m. If i turn down draw to 32m I get 30kbps on both lots. Not very enjoyable at 32m but atleast I can do what needs to be done with my breedables.
  4. Its been atleast a week that automatically show newly accepted items has not worked. IE: picking up an object and focus goes to folder it went into. Have unchecked the option. restart rechecked the option restart. Doesnt work with V3,Tried phoenix tried Firestorm. Same outcome. This must be an SL side broken issue.
  5. Yes Thanks found one :smileyhappy:
  6. Ich denke nicht, gibt es eine deutsche Version
  7. THANKS EVERYONE FOUND ONE Wanted Jack Russel Wenn Sie einen Jack Russel vielleicht haben Sie nicht das Spiel mit mehr und sind bereit, es für einen angemessenen Preis verkaufen würde mich interessieren Danke
  8. If you have a Doberman, Portuguese water dog, Sheepdog or preferably a Jack Russel that maybe you stopped playing with or willing to part with. I would Love to have one at a reasonable price. Thanks Starr Heron Yay got one still could use one more for my sister please
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