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  1. Okay, so, I haven't been on Second Life in forever. I just recently started going on again. I use Dolphin Viewer 3 usually, but this error has happened in the normal SL viewer too. For some reason, my shapes aren't working correctly. For example, I was wearing my quad fox avatar. The shape was not being recognized or something, even though I was wearing it, and my legs were detached from my body and I looked deformed. It happens with all of my avatars, too. The only fix I know for it is to edit shape, scale the height up by 1, and then revert it to the original height. It's so tedious to do every time I log in or change regions, though. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. I have a fairly new computer that has always been able to run Second Life fine. I run at medium quality and adverage 40-45 FPS. I have recently noticed that Second Life has been freezing up when I change my avatar and whatnot. It generally freezes for up to a minute or so. It also tends to freeze for 20 seconds when I load a notecard or open a gesture to edit. I've never seen SL do this before, it just started acting up recently. I've performed scans on my computer, tried changing my SL settings to low, and several other things. None of em work. Any clue why this is happening? It's kind of annoying to freeze up (it's actually crashed a few times/gone "unresponsive") during an avatar change/loading a notecard/putting a new part on my avatar. EDIT: I don't know if this information helps at all, but on my older laptop, I've never encountered this problem (and it runs a lot slower). EDIT #2: Apparently I can't add this as a new reply. That solution didn't help at all, and CPU usage doesn't go any higher than normal (around 30%) when changing avatars. However I did notice it says "Too many complex object in the scene" on SL during the laggy parts when my new avatar loads... And drops my FPS to 0.1.
  3. I just recently got a new laptop, which means I can actually GO places now without getting the bajeezus lagged out of me. Most of the friends I have on SL so far are good friends from other sites that I've invited, and out of the 20 friends whom I've invited, only 5 have actually been able to download it. Anywho, yeah. Bored. Looking for some new buddies to hang out with. I might come off as a tad insane to some people, I dunno. That may or may not be the reason I'm afraid to socialize on here without getting reported, since I have a tendency to use gestures... a lot... O_o I'm mostly random and sugar-high... or something. xD Just to let you people know, I'm a furry. Basically all of my avatars are furries. I just thought I should say that, 'cause I've scared a couple people off before. o.o;
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