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  1. Miles1

    Destination Folder

    That's it....Thanks Whirly Avast was blocking SL, no other program, only S.L So thank you all with you help, Miles
  2. Miles1

    Destination Folder

    Yes I use Avast, but I've used Avast for many years and this problem has only started now....but I'd love to know more about Avast being the problem...thanks
  3. Miles1

    Destination Folder

    That is correct, but even I have tried to save in many folders and to desktop, it doesn-t allow me. I can save to inventory and send an email, but I cannot save to a folder!!
  4. Miles1

    Destination Folder

    Hello Rolig, Still unable to save snapshots to my PC....so the problem is elsewhere, any ideas_ Thank you.
  5. Miles1

    Destination Folder

    Unable to to save snapshots to disc (computer destination folder). How can the destination folder be changed? Thank you.
  6. Good afternoon, Via invitations to groups or simply trying to add a groups, I have no success. My alt works without this problem so I can only assume that the problem must be restricted to 'miles1' my main avatar. Currently I have 23 groups and the last time I joined a group was more than a year ago. I have exhibitions of art and photography to attend and without being added to the said group, I cannot add my work. All and any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Miles
  7. Well done Cate, and congratulations
  8. Great shot, ARnnO..congratulations.
  9. Today's unscheduled maintenance has left my 'Miles1' account in a complete mess. I now have two other names that belong to other users, and I sure I'm not the only person affected. I wonder if someone from LL could have a look and repair the links. Many thanks, Regards Miles.
  10. My thanks to the good people at the lab who selected this photo for POTD, and very warm thanks to Kylie, Blue, Owl, Ginty and Danni for your kind words and support:)
  11. Thank you very much for selecting my photo, it is really appreciated, and thanks to you Kylie Jaxxon for creating such a beautiful place to visit. )
  12. Well done Owl, great photo )
  13. Yep, that's a fabulous photos
  14. Congratulations, Fallen.... thoroughly deserved.
  15. I cannot post, neither receive messages from/to my account in 'my.secondlife.com'..... any help, always appreciated :)
  16. Good heavens...So it's possible! (pic of the day twice). Thanks Storm:
  17. Hello Nicola, Malcom and Tani......Thank you for your kind words,pleased you enjoyed the photos
  18. Hello Soleil Black Cat, Yes, all the warmth of the Autumn colors, good thoughts of walking though woods and forests this time of the year. ....Thanks
  19. You are way too kind Joey, and I seem to have been under the spotlight myself recently!! I particularly enjoy lighting the images, dragging as much light as possible around, on and through the subject......., but the real credit has to go to the sim builders/designers....Thanks Joey
  20. Thank you Storm, and nice of you to say so. Hola Likrinity, mucisimas gracias... bueno, por lo menos el foto tiene color!
  21. I checked the 'grid', and all looks good there. This seems to happen often, all suggestions /comments appreciated. Miles
  22. At the moment a photo is taken it can be posted directly to ones feed..Is it also possible to post photos to the same feed from the Inventory? and does the image format need changing first?
  23. From secondlife.com I cannot access my.secondlife.com...Response is..try again later, but later brings the same results! In world I cannot access profiles, neither post a photo...I think there must be connection. I'm using Mozilla, but also tried in IE and Chrome, but no change. Has anyone else experienced the same or similar problem? Regards Miles
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