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  1. We have a few stalls and advertising boards open, and would like to see if there are any gorean store owners who would like to rent. Stalls: 50 Prims, L$150 for 7 days (or comission) Wall space: 20 Prims, L$150 for 7 days (or comission) *Willing to put up MM Boards would be a bonus (: Come check us out at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sheepshead%20Bay/123/148/2098 Send me an IM in world and we'll see if we can get you set up (:
  2. FEE (Florian Expertised Enterprises) Our company just started off a little while ago, and we are interested in any custom work that needs to be done. Our engineers/technicians do custom houses, complete sims, custom furniture, custom scripting, custom animations, custom poses, custom clothes, RP set up, terraforming, textures, complete customized sim building, mansions, scripted furniture, etc. Prices are negotiable =] If interested, please IM me in world. -DN0
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