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  1. I don't enjoy the making LODs part very much, especially now that I am spoiled with PBR and new engines that I no longer have to make them. However, I take pride in my work, as all creators should strive for - to make it good for new users and their default settings, and to optimize their models and textures best they can to help SL run faster and more efficiently.
  2. There seems to be more activity on the Marketplace in general, seeing an increase in redeliveries of older items, and more activity on reviews, and tons of PMs to me for a variety of reasons. Some are just insane and have left poor reviews on products, the most on the products I had MORE features or BONUS gifts on. Believe me, you don't have time to explain to someone why they left a 1 star rating because a "light doesn't work" when they don't have Advanced Lighting on, or they don't bother reading the instructions not only included in the product box, but on every rez of the item in chat. LL does not have a field for this when you want to flag for items such as "I rated this low because it was not in the color blue" akin to "This donut would have been good, but since it doesn't have blue sprinkles I give it 1 star" LL has not responded anyway to flags near this, and to me , no matter how politely or cleverly I respond to the 'review' it remains up. Sales damage has been noted and observed over time, I've already removed 3 products that weren't worth looking at and no longer selling. I'll make new versions instead and keep them simple as possible. It's not worth the time talking to someone in chat over a $.30 cent sale.
  3. When I used to flag gacha items as spam, it was mainly due to repeating Product Titles, that listed the same item 10 times, though the contents were supposed to be different, or they were using spamming keywords that were exactly the same as 500 other listings they had. I don't bother anymore, because my finger started getting carpal tunnel syndrome from all the abuse of market listings in general. Could be a clue as to what is happening right now, and good thing to check.
  4. Most 'harassment' is not harassment, but if you feel harassed you can block and ignore the person. If they are bypassing these with technological measures, then file a report. 99.9% of 'harassment', offensive behaviour, and disputes are easily solved with a 0.00000001 second mouse click.
  5. Political and social justice destroyed Sansar and got people banned from the platform. Everyone has a mute/ignore/block button, and if they have trouble having a civil discussion, or do not want to hear or discuss differing views - they can use them. Some users decided to report other users on Sansar to staff, because they found countering views, even random objects and names to be 'harassment', and led to bans. At least here, LL will not get involved in user to user disputes, and only with guideline and rule breakers. They haven't learned this lesson on Sansar yet though.
  6. I have direct experience with this, being a creator of original works from 3d models to music, as well as a contributor to Creative Commons where people can use my content for free. On this subject I can tell you after 20 years of it, noone cares about copyright, the guidelines, or generally doing the right thing. If you can get away with it, do it. You will make good money from doing it, and if the content is popular you will sell a bundle. The general attitude is "If you're not DMCA'd from the company, then you got nothing to worry about". Linden Labs will not even do anything about it, even if the user admits to doing so publicly. If you can obscure the product by only selling it inworld, and not list it publicly to be found, that is usually a popular thing to do to avoid discovery and prosecution. If you try to appeal to people's fairness on the matter, you will be told where to shove it, to mind your own business, and may even report you for harassment. Disclaimer: This post is stating facts sarcastically, and of course is not an endorsement to break guidelines or to upload/sell work that is not your own or licensed). No it won't. Their bank will fill with money.
  7. How does that relate to the post I made on the topic at hand?
  8. This is one of many examples of how ban powers can be used by unethical people to cover up their tracks. I was also 'banned' from a store for leaving a very fair and honest review, and after refusing a refund in order to take it down. After all, I wasn't doing it to get my money back, I wanted the 'software' improved so I could continue using it. They were angry with my review, and even went so far as to try to publicly shame me on their private blog that noone reads. Since then I've come to realize those who ask for feedback really only want praise and worship, and not a real honest assessment of the work. I appreciate good feedback myself though, and have always accommodated my customers who had concerns, and have even just customized some products for them specifically to meet their needs. Legit creators always seeking to improve themselves will appreciate any feedback, snobs and scumbags won't, and will use ban tools to ensure you remain quiet.
  9. It would not be your responsibility, as it is not LL' s responsibility to enforce such a thing. Simply put, they CAN'T. None of us can truly know if this person is licensed to use a brand, logo, trademark or 'trade dress', but it's not hard to understand they probably don't. For that reason you really can't do anything about it, at least with LL. Most licensed sellers will simply tell you "Yes, I am licensed" and are encouraged by the companies to display this fact, and tell people this fact - to create trust in buyers that they are buying from a licensed person. If you politely approach the person and ask them, and the response is "**** off, mind your own business", as has happened to me many times in SL and more recently on Sansar - it's probably a scumbag up to nefarious purposes. On Sansar in particular, one will not find much support for copyrighted goods - as it appear that the general consensus over there is that it's okay to upload and sell content that is not yours or are unlicensed to - and anyone with a problem with that should shove off or "File a DMCA then". This kind of thing will be a constant problem that will most likely not get solved, because people just can't do the right thing. Many companies do have pages you can report possible infringement, inquire about licensed users, and general contact that that is something that can be done.
  10. When I started listing marketplace items I made several blunders until I found this page, which has good info on how to list, and even update your listings should you need to.
  11. Yes, it can be fun to use your response to a review just to keep selling your product. However, if people are leaving 1-2 star ratings for whatever reason and the reviews are not really related to the product, but there is no subheading called "Review irrelevant or negative without explanation", you could lose business as people search for things and your product appears to be low stars - but is still a respectable product. "Don't like it" isn't really a review.. Yet it doesn't fall under any 'abusive' reports.. It's just a mysterious low-rating from who knows who - and it stays on there. This is why I have been petitioning LL to update their rating systems to a more basic way, or join other websites in keeping it positive, with perhaps just a thumbs up or nothing. If you allow thumbs down, there has to be some kind of reason at least for the seller to correct, and for a buyer to make an informed decision. "This sucks" "I hate it" "Needs to be in orange" aren't really helpful, yet they have no subheading to report them.
  12. How do I report this kind of listing then? It's clearly just an inappropriate driveby review with no sense behind it, but there is no category to file under.
  13. Learn Marvelous Designer for seamstress-ing. If I can be a seamstress (in Sansar), having never done it before MD, you can too. Learning mesh can be done as well. I'm sure you can do it if you really want to. The challenge is getting the information you will need to get the items into SL and making it work
  14. One quickly learns that honest and helpful reviews meant in all good spirit is usually not appreciated and some unscrupulous merchants will return that action with very hostile actions of their own. The review system is flawed anyway , as only 5 stars exist and 1 stars because people just won't rate otherwise because they are either extremely pleased, or pissed off on the other end. Most people don't rate as a rule, unless the item is free and they encourage that by rating quite a bit. Trying a demo is a good thing to do, but this isn't always true. I tried a demo of a jacket that seemed great, even though I wondered why it included an AO or overide pose - the avatar holding up a box. Everything seemed fine until after purchasing the main item, holes were found in the jacket - the holes being hidden by the AO in the demo. Better to try then not, but it's not guaranteed. In most cases, leave your review up and get your money back - help others make informed decisions. And just don't rate in general. If someone isn't willing to get accurate feedback and reviews - and only want praise and worship... that's not fair so just don't participate at all.
  15. Since art and what people will pay for it (And why) will vary, you may find that you will make more money selling the frames, rather than the art itself. Everyone needs frames, especially more unique designs - but art is so subjective. In my experience I have found that when I originally started out with selling an art piece as a whole, it didn't really sell until it had mod and copy on it. The reason was; People liked the object that I had made it on, and not the artwork itself, and in many cases people were putting their own on it. Yeah it sucks because we all think our art is 'cool' and what's not to like right? You could still put your artwork on it as default (as I do on many of those type of products) but I have found that I should make an asset that supports artwork that others may want to put on it, and so make the asset to accommodate flexibility. Of course, there is no hard set rule, you can do what you like, just giving you some food for thought. Also if you are an established or well-known artist already, you will have success selling specific paintings vs an artist that is unknown and throwing up random artwork seeing what sells or not... I would like to err on allowing the end user 'functional' artwork, which means if they want to change the picture they could... that should net more sales just from flexibility alone.
  16. I have made stuff for people in the past, and due to their budget, depends on how I will prioritize it. Sometimes, you may get a deal from a creator if their time is roughly covered, if the asset can be sold on the MP, and mainly you are paying for them to prioritize THAT asset over another they may be working on. Eg. Client of some sort requests I make a wooden shack.. If it's not exclusive to them, and they throw a few bucks to paypal my way for doing so, I could prioritize the object over other ongoing projects, have a project (which is nice for focus sometimes), and still be able to sell the asset longterm myself on the MP Best to get to know people around you though, and establish some trust. I can't prove to anyone how trustworthy I am until they spend time to get to know me. Usually its me getting burned by other people - it happens both ways as a customer and as a creator.
  17. Although there is a message in chat or notifications that I have received a notecard, sometimes they sneak in there and I don't even see it, depending on what I'm doing when I log in. Another system would be better to use.. some sort of queue similar to 'support' where one could review all transactions of that type, and doesn't rely on the viewer to do so.. like finding it under the Merchant Store area of the website. That way, 'ignored' or 'missed' notecards and 'requests' can be reviewed even a month later. I also dont even like to contact people via notecard, because then I have to actually make one, have it in my inventory and send it off. However, I use notecards when the issue is not high priority, a general question, a compliment, or enquiry that they can take time to respond. Easier to do so then contact them in chat, which is even easier to foul up, because many times I will close chat inadvertently and be 'whoops where did that convo go' (yes I can check the log area, thanks :D) Just saying.
  18. I thought that if I made my items transferable that they COULD be resold, and thought it was a strange model if I did. After all, I'd make the initial sale on the item, but then get nothing on subsequent sales of it - so thought it was completely pointless to do so. One could sell the initial item as $100, and if it became a rare or sought after item, could be resold indefinitely for many, many more Lindens. I guess it would be okay for unfinished or untextured items or 'parts', but shouldn't there be a clause that states by default "No you can't just resell the parts in their raw form, but only as part of a project/product"? Wouldn't it be fair to default to "Don't sell my textures in their raw form, but only as part of your house/project" as a default agreement on all transferable items? Or at least some kind of checkbox for further permissions - [x] Can be sold as a competing product vs original author [ ] Can only be used as part of a project On pretty much all asset sites from CG Trader to Turboquid, to GameTextures.com, the basic understanding is that you can use the 'transferable' raw items, but only as part of something else... and not just uploading the 'raw form', eg. Ground_Mars_Rock_Albedo,etc up to another site as resale. In Sansar, though not sure if it's working or fleshed out, the plan was to allow people to resell things, but the original author can set a base price. The idea being that someone could create a car from different parts... my tires with author2's body and frame, etc and create new products from parts (and add scripting, etc). Interesting model not sure how it would work exactly...
  19. It's like that on many listings.... don't think there is any way to recover from it now, unless LL changed the search algorithms to match Google's current SEO, which means title and description are looked at more and their relevance, rather than keyword searches - which have been found to be abused and unreliable across the Web.
  20. The SL Marketplace is broken, due to the misuse of keywords listings and other: It is actually 'keyword spam', which contributes to the MP's demise - and there is nothing any of us can do about it. If I were to 'help' improve the MP by reporting every single listing that used keywords unrelated to the product, I would get carpal tunnel syndrome. Most listings are simply abused due to ignorance or simply are attempts to game the system. Let's use "Original Photo: The Forest With Bridge In Frame" as an example. How would I find this? So I searched the MP "forest bridge photo" and what comes up? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=G&search[keywords]=forest+bridge+photo Not seeing many results for what I'm looking for... The listings provided have a combo of the search terms in the title, but all abuse the system with keyword spam - with keywords not even relating to the product they are selling. The only antidote to this is to be very specific in both your title and in your keywords, and if your description area further describes your product, it will actually show up in Google listings quite well. I've noticed that many SL marketplace items will show up in Google search when I may be looking for reference, because their titles and keywords are excellent. Also, being found on the MP means people need to be specifically searching for your product - if they're not searching for it, there is no demand. If they are searching for it, but not buying it - then there may be other reasons why they are not - quality, subjectivity to art, price, etc. In your merchant area on the site you can find "Top Selling Products" and "Top Searched Products" to see which of your products is being searched the most, and by extension how many sell out of the searches. Learn to use this tool. It isn't great, but it's something to attempt to measure your success. For myself, I modeled a piece of furniture that I designed myself - it has 0 sales as to this date. Is it bad? nope. Is it too pricey? doubt it, it's near free or dirt cheap. It's just that noone is looking for it, noone is searching for it, and unless it is seen inworld by someone else (due to having a store, or someone else bought it and they see it) - it's dead in the water. So one must adjust to what is in demand and go from there. Please fix your keywords though: They are too many, not describing the product, and won't help getting you found anyway. Get into the world and a gallery and see what people like or don't like, what sells, etc. Also, as Chic Aeon has stated, art isn't a big seller in SL (or Sansar), and especially now in 2020 - where free pictures, photos, illustrations abound and can be uploaded by anyone royalty free. If anything at the base, you can make money selling the actual frames instead - thats where the value actually is. I haven't sold much art, because it seems people are buying them for the actual frames I made instead (display frames, tapestry, kiosks, etc) So try that angle, but then put YOUR art as a default on it. It is more imperative that people create unique works and advanced works, as more and more people are entering into 3D modeling and competition is fierce - so focusing on what you can offer as an individual will be paramount. Hope this helps a bit and puts things into perspective.
  21. Whatever your politics or ideals, don't try to compel LL staff to enforce your views, or be your servant in enforcing whom you believe is speaking 'hate' or not. The guidelines can be applied without all that. If it is harassment, first use the mute/block functions available to all users. If they circumvent that somehow, then it may fall under continued harassment and file a ticket. Any right you deny another user in SL or person in RL can be denied you, so be careful what you call for on others.
  22. If you're really hard up, use a second viewer and an alt account to function as a camera. If you have the computer resources, they may work out short term.
  23. Learning a hipoly to low poly workflow is very important. Even if Second Life doesn't put limits on your models, doesn't mean you should do it. Yes, retopology is hard work though with some programs (even in ZBrush) the process has become easier - but it is kind of your duty as a creator, on any platform to optimize your meshes and avatars to the best of your ability. if you ever plan to be hired by pros, or do work for pros, or even be pro yourself - it is a good goal to aspire to. Don't think of poly limits as stifling, but rather 1) a challenge to optimize the best you can whilst still making the mesh look great 2) necessary for the smooth operation of the platform on different devices = more audience = more sales. The irony of your statement is that Second Life is an older platform, and REALLY needs you to optimize. Anyways thats my tip: Learn to optimize and make it a habit. 😄 And welcome! There is a reason why men's wear is not a large area of interest for many; because it reflects demand in RL. Men are not usually shoppers, nor are they big consumers of clothing and outfits and the like. In general, if you try to sell men's wear, it just won't sell. if you make women's wear, it sells.. You can choose to make men's wear and good luck, you may find some success. However women are the main consumers of clothing items in RL and virtual, so it is natural that there would be more creators making stuff for them. Also, keep in mind, that you should not say "I am skilled at meshing" if you haven't adopted and mastered the Hi Poly to Lo Poly and mesh optimization as part of your skillset.
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