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  1. Oh, I believe that it is a wee bit more prudish than just not allowing sexual content on Sansar. I don't think it's going to succeed or fail based on just that - I have done fine in SL as a user and a creator without ever having to consume or create sex content. A large issue with Sansar that is very different than SL is their goal to create a 'safe space' for users - but to the point that their discipline and execution of said methods has been draconian. This has been driven in part by users who cannot handle problems on their own, or get offended at everything and everyone for one reason or another. Trust me, if you open your mouth in Sansar, you are bound to offend someone... This gets turned into "If you don't do anything to stop him from offending me again, I will leave Sansar" or "I am demotivated" and even as far as one user saying "I will kill myself". This puts undue pressure on Staff, who might mean well (I hope) in their efforts, but become a totalitarian parental overseer that won't let the kids settle on their own, and instead have to break up every fight - which then goes unresolved and festers even more. I'm hoping that with recent staff changes, that this kind of thing does not continue - I've noticed staff back off a bit and I appreciate it - answering every little sneeze and wiffle is not the way to go, and frankly new users want to act like jackasses for a bit, then they will settle down. It's almost like new users want to test the community - and up until now at least, the community is failing because they have no patience at all - and quickly execute and call for sitewide bans on individuals they consider as 'bad apples' or 'rubbing people the wrong way'. Read some of the Steam reviews and many recent ones directly address the current community as being toxic. No surprise to me, because when I first joined, I overheard members of what they now call themselves "the Core Group", were lamenting the growth of Sansar at the time, and how they would 'like to keep it small" - presumably for their own benefit and to ensure their own status as big fish in a little pond.
  2. Sansar is very unstable to long-term investment, and in general the 'core group' of users that have been there remain the same - albeit for a few more additions of people who 'towed the line' and are now in. By December, we may see the same core group of users happily operating all by themselves - owning the whole shop (about 30 of them). The early community core group there has become toxic, and hostile to new users. Impatient of any technical issues new users have, or 'bad' behaviour easily solved with mute/block, becoming a snitch community always getting staff members involved, and ostracizing those 'who rub others the wrong way' (in other words, have a differing opinion). Sansar has become an echo chamber to the early adopters - the staff unable to see true and potential talent, supporting people who claim to be victims, praising people who need to improve their skills, and rewarding behaviour that is detrimental to the platform. Favouritism abounds, the lack of professionalism in dealing with users is shocking - political idealogies turning Sansar into a battleground rather than a creative platform. There is more to Sansar that makes it ill than just technical - it's the same sickness that destroyed the social aspect of HIFI - drama and calls to exclude groups - and those same users are now in Sansar doing the same thing. Not a friendly place from technical to social for the aspiring creator such as myself - that just wants to build and share cool stuff with others. The only cure is to get 1000s and 1000s of users to dilute the power of the early toxic core group - and to get a real audience for the rest of us. I have created all-new stuff and experiences (not released yet) for Sansar - which have been broken in one way or another over the last year.. combined with the constant heavy-handed manner of trying to make me conform - has not overall been a pleasant experience.
  3. I find him quite handy, the body count is rising while Sansar numbers are falling, now you know why.
  4. Thanks for the tutorial, but we need this somewhere on the Sansar site as well
  5. Concurrent users is a more important factor, also it is a bit scary to see as we head to December 2019 that there are LESS concurrent users NOW than back then. When the numbers start rising to 3000+ concurrent users, which may take some time - there may be a critical point where it explodes. As of right now, those stats are probably not good to show anyone Also keep in mind, it's not just LL using profits from Second Life to drive Sansar's development and investment. Many of us creators are ALSO using our Second Life profits (and spare time) to fund investing our time and IP into Sansar as well. It's not only LL taking a risk at this, but all creators who are investing in it, in whatever form they choose. If Sansar fails, so does our IP we've created for Sansar, as well as all our hours spent as well. If, however, it takes off.. - better to be a part of it as a NEW platform into the future. Some of us got to the SL party too late... so it's nice to participate in a new platform even if currently it is -$$$ profit at this point.
  6. Fionalen, not sure if you just want to fight or not, but the examples include 1) Replica of existing Marshall amp 2) Inspired version (completely legal to sell on Second Life in all ways) 3) Original version (concepted from sketch, blocked out and modeled, also completely legal and "original work") Art is in the eye of the beholder, so let's just let me worry about that, or those who want to purchase those designs. The inspired and original versions would be safe from any IP claim, as they are not trying to skirt any regulations, or take advantage of any trademarked works. This is an important line from the link provided earlier which should clarify what creators should do in SL, or Sansar, or ANY 3d virtual world and marketplace that will crop up; " In Second Life, we hope creators will use their imagination to make original content. Some create things that are inspired by real-world objects, like cars or jewelry. When you do that, please make sure you're not improperly using another's intellectual property – for example, a trademarked logo or brand name, a distinctive product appearance (known as "trade dress"), ..."
  7. Yet nowadays, it is very risky to file a DMCA and be in error, as courts have mitigated false DMCA filings by having harsh penalties on them. So companies aren't really so quick to do this anymore unless they feel they can prove, and win, their case in court. Related: https://www.gerbenlaw.com/blog/false-dmca-takedown-notices-ninth-circuit-holds-that-copyright-owners-must-consider-fair-use-before-issuing-take-down-notices/
  8. From my understanding of the LL IP page, it would fall more under "Trade Dress' rather than straight up use of the word "Harley Davidson". Many, many, many people create 'replicas' of real-world products, and have no knowledge of what trade-dress entails.. I will use an image I used in a post "So you make Original mesh, huh" to demonstrate the point. Just ignore the irrelevant text as it is used in a different context, but I can use the same image to address "Trade Dress". These are 3 amps I have modeled, one is a 'replica' of a Marshall brand amp, the next is an 'inspired' design and the 3rd a more 'experimental' or stylized version. Even if i didn't use any Marshall branding keywords, or advertising on the first, they COULD (didn't say WILL, they COULD) file some sort of IP claim based on how the amp looks, which is clearly intended to replicate, and therefore 'compete' with the original product. Best always to concept and design your own work, and be 'inspired by' existing works, than copy real world products. Caveat: Original works don't sell as good as replicas, so the market tempts many to stick with popular art and well known products.
  9. Merchants competing from third world countries, that's who. On the subject of increased cashout fees, we just have to pass it onto the consumer. If no longer able to make a profit, then take the business elsewhere.
  10. Here's a case scenario; A reviewer has a problem with your product, eg "Textures are too blurry". So I review the product, find it is in fact, shockingly blurry (wondering why because it wasn't when I uploaded the product, or it's because I use a UHD monitor now and can see that it is blurry), so I do my best to fix the issue and re-uv to maximize. Instead of flagging the review, and trying hard not to get angry because I wasn't contacted inworld about this (I always want to make the best product I can at any given time), I informed the customer it was fixed and they could re-deliver. To this day, no response to the fix/improvement, and the review still stands, with a lower star rating than it would normally be given if all was okay.. Since not one unit has been sold since, presumably from such a low and inaccurate rating, might as well give it away for free, or just remove it from the Marketplace altogether... I'm okay though, I just use the reply section to address their concerns, and if anyone bothers to read it, they will think "oh cool, he will fix issues if they come up".. But technically isn't that now an outdated review that may not reflect the current status of the product?
  11. Good submission of tutorials, always valuable. I am looking for an updated and correct way of uploading avatar accessories, .Apparently the tutorials I've watched on accessories upload does not work, and I can't find an updated one. also a workflow of rigging an avatar to the Sansar bones, without reliance on Avastar. If I missed something in the tutorials you provided, I apologize, I haven't watched them all yet (just discovered today). As mention on Discord, thanks.
  12. Wonderful. Anything that can strengthen the elite, raise the bar and imply other people who aren't at that level make trash... is always good. (sarcasm) One is 'qualified' or 'certified' in LSL if their script solves a problem and operates. If you want people to be more efficient, then teach them. All this will do is "Scripted Hover Chair | LSL Certified" Give me a break.
  13. Notice the usual suspects didn't react lovingly to your post? Ha ha.. This forum is really, really bad for that. One would be lucky to get a response to the OP past 3 replies - then its off into lala land for some of these folks.. Whoops.. there I go responding to the OP again... I was supposed to derail... Gotta break that habit and when in Rome...
  14. Hi, I just thought I'd come participate in this necro thread, and like many of the preceding and habitually off topic posters.. do the same. Here's a tip to Staying On Topic: Reply to the OP, not to some random post that triggered you. Have a good day.
  15. Good product, but I gave it 3 stars because it should be available in red, I should be able to change the texture that attracted me to purchase the product in the first place, and I also want it to fly around my sim like a bird. If it could do that, I would definitely give this 5 stars!
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