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  1. When I started listing marketplace items I made several blunders until I found this page, which has good info on how to list, and even update your listings should you need to.
  2. Yes, it can be fun to use your response to a review just to keep selling your product. However, if people are leaving 1-2 star ratings for whatever reason and the reviews are not really related to the product, but there is no subheading called "Review irrelevant or negative without explanation", you could lose business as people search for things and your product appears to be low stars - but is still a respectable product. "Don't like it" isn't really a review.. Yet it doesn't fall under any 'abusive' reports.. It's just a mysterious low-rating from who knows who - and it stays on there. This is why I have been petitioning LL to update their rating systems to a more basic way, or join other websites in keeping it positive, with perhaps just a thumbs up or nothing. If you allow thumbs down, there has to be some kind of reason at least for the seller to correct, and for a buyer to make an informed decision. "This sucks" "I hate it" "Needs to be in orange" aren't really helpful, yet they have no subheading to report them.
  3. How do I report this kind of listing then? It's clearly just an inappropriate driveby review with no sense behind it, but there is no category to file under.
  4. Learn Marvelous Designer for seamstress-ing. If I can be a seamstress (in Sansar), having never done it before MD, you can too. Learning mesh can be done as well. I'm sure you can do it if you really want to. The challenge is getting the information you will need to get the items into SL and making it work
  5. One quickly learns that honest and helpful reviews meant in all good spirit is usually not appreciated and some unscrupulous merchants will return that action with very hostile actions of their own. The review system is flawed anyway , as only 5 stars exist and 1 stars because people just won't rate otherwise because they are either extremely pleased, or pissed off on the other end. Most people don't rate as a rule, unless the item is free and they encourage that by rating quite a bit. Trying a demo is a good thing to do, but this isn't always true. I tried a demo of a jacket that seemed great, even though I wondered why it included an AO or overide pose - the avatar holding up a box. Everything seemed fine until after purchasing the main item, holes were found in the jacket - the holes being hidden by the AO in the demo. Better to try then not, but it's not guaranteed. In most cases, leave your review up and get your money back - help others make informed decisions. And just don't rate in general. If someone isn't willing to get accurate feedback and reviews - and only want praise and worship... that's not fair so just don't participate at all.
  6. That's another reason Sansar failed - this whole top secret mentality of keeping everything on Discord, and the main site vacant of everything other than maybe update news - and even that's buried on the nonsensical website where you can't find anything. If you abhor using Discord or being forced to participate in social media just to keep informed, you were already out of luck in Sansar. This keeps people 'in check' and in fear of losing their access to one of the most obnoxious Discord channels out there - trust me you don't miss anything and I'm proud to have received the only ban I've ever got from any online forum ever - at the hands of their abusive community manager. You're not missing anything but rumours, the constant grand-standing and back-slapping from the same party of yes people who circle-jerk each other all day while the ship sinks. It's typical for members there to act like early Costco-members and act like they're privy to special info - and shhhh you have to sign up to find out. Ridiculous. At least here, whether you agree or disagree with someone's opinions, it's for all and the whole internet to see, and not hidden away behind a login and carefully curated and offenses an staff blunders conveniently deleted.
  7. You'd be in Sansar the day after Second Life closed. Much like the HiFi people who were bashing Sansar constantly, came over just days over and started 'participating' there. I'm the type of person (and are many others I'm not alone) who will explore and use HiFi, Sansar, Second Life and many others for creative opportunities and growing with a new platform. Some here may celebrate Sansar's demise - I don't. Although I have serious beefs with how (some) Staff have conducted themselves over there facilitating drama and ostracization of people, I see the long term vision of Sansar and alike platforms and I'm there to help build it. There is also a whole new generation of younger creators who want to embrace this new technology, and are even further from having a presence in Second Life than I do - and would NEVER come here. From my observations I can't help observing how negativity against the platform, almost smug sabotage from within from guess what? SLers (want me to post all the PMs from the hateful 'top creator' SL'ers in Sansar?). Ah, the curious SL'ers who can't stay away, but hate it at the same time - and almost work every day to destroy it. My my my, must they feel smug today. (Some) HiFi'ers were the same. Constantly bashing Sansar to everyone within earshot, but then running to it when HiFi shut down. Yeah, I was there. Yeah I observed. Then I saw this same group come to Sansar and be some of the most demanding, ultimatum-making, 'I'm going to quit'-type threatening people seen in the Discord and inworld. In people's PMs poisoning the well, publicly proclaiming their love for the Sansar 'fam' and in secretly denouncing them, trashing other people's work, causing division, spreading rumours and lies. Playing the victim and manipulating (some) Staff into being their henchmen and getting others banned from the platform. All disappointing and disgusting behaviour which in large part helped destroy it. Hey, we all talk crap from time to time, and have disagreements, but some of these people were straight up evil with what they would do in the social realm. Social is probably the biggest draw more than anything else - are there cool people to hang with, that are easy going, that don't want anything from me, aren't just nice to me because they want me to buy their stuff / worship them / be their narcissistic supply? Is it hard to make friends here? Are people tolerant of differing views and lifestyles? Is there a healthy creative community or are they in vicious competition with each other? How do people treat disagreements? Is there lots of drama? How could Sansar succeed listening to a community that is divided, where each little 'faction' wants what they want or 'they're leaving'. Who say they want one thing, Sansar gives it to them - then they want something else. It's not just one-sided, the Sansar community was at many times schizophrenic about what they wanted - or again like I said divided. Meanwhile there was those of us who just wanted to make stuff, maximized Sansar for what it had (which imo is still not 100% utilized by most), and didn't need anything from anybody, nobody had to say or do what I wanted, and nobody had to change anything about themselves for me to fail or succeed. Go figure. Someone who doesn't need anything from you at all to utilize the platform to the max. What a concept. I hope they keep Sansar open, even if a crippled state. It will grow once they get rid of the dead weight, once they find competent people to run and manage it, a competent and kind Community Manager who is not a bully, and Staff who respect user's boundaries and 'property'. Also, surrounding yourself with 'yes' people and kumbayah-types might feel all warm and fuzzy, but it's (mostly) fake and (mostly) manipulative and (mostly) dishonest - which will lead any well-intentioned product down the road to ruin. You'd be surprised what you can learn from "Negative" reviews, or 'unwanted' feedback - there is more honesty in those posts and opinions than those marked 'Positive'.
  8. Sansar's failure was not due to it 'failing' over VR... It works and looks just fine on Desktop... So they don't really have to sell it as a VR platform... it has plenty of use. The problem will no be more of it's history and the opinions that users have about it, and the reviews of the platform. The good news is though.. 'failing' a platform, yet rising from the ashes months later will get you out of bad contracts, like Steam or other.. which can put money back into LL's coffers that wasn't there before. As someone said though, who's gonna buy a platform with concurrency of 20-25? Perhaps another move could have been to return to 'closed beta' status and really focus on creating content, or securing people and corporations if they have to. They just opened it up way too fast before the content was even there, so all the events or plans in the world won't help if people won't stay. And... if there is little to no engaging content.. people will resort to other entertainment.. like social politics, drama, and rumour
  9. Had to look up CSG lol: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constructive_solid_geometry I'm familiar with that type of building, its like making prefabs from 'brushes' in Quake Editor, WorldCraft, Hammer Editor back in the day. Cutting holes out.. Weird concept because the brushes are both there, just that one was the box, and the engine knew to cut out the other shape at runtime. Duke Nukem 3d Build Fun times with all of that. Yes, I was thinking about that concept when I was out for a walk. SL is (and was) chalk full of prims and modular meshes but the land is very costly, and cost prohibitive to many. Then you go to Sansar, plenty of free 'land' for anyone to build, but absolutely nothing to build with. I tried to help with that by releasing a few basic blocking and modular sets, but noone wanted to pay for it. Also Sansar seems to be geared to be the most efficient for those who upload entire scenes from their 3d program of choice, rather than building piece by piece. It also looks from my experiments, that Sansar doesn't like 1000 separate cubes, as the draws quickly go up, but uploading a mesh made of 1000 cubes is fine... So even if there was an ability to build from pieces, it certainly has a big effect on the scene. I could be wrong, but they claimed they use 'instances' of a mesh, but in testing, it never acts like it. Never got any straight answers about such things, because I guess I'm suppose to know this stuff in order to participate fully in Sansar... But I've adapted and changed my workflow. This isn't good for the average user though. So building modularly with many 'prims' in Sansar would make the sim run worse than uploading a 'group of prims' as a single mesh...
  10. Disagreeing is not a counter-argument. That being said, experiences will vary... If you're more of a 'known' or established 'top creator' (a title this early-adopter core-group gives themselves), and you're in the 'in group' from SL that infiltrated Sansar, then you may have an easier time. If you are like me, and unaffiliated with anyone, it will be quite different. I was approached literally on my Day One by the self-appointed 'top dogs' and 'spokespersons' for this core group, and since I couldn't be manipulated or bent to their will, they decided to keep me out of everything. My mistake was even engaging with these people, for I hate elitism quite a bit - which made it worse. When you try to take on narcissists, you're gonna lose, as they simply have more innate malice to fuel their efforts, and more deceptive and manipulative powers than you, and have no problem using them. I love Sansar, but I won't miss the people who in my opinion, helped to make it quite a miserable place due to their malicious actions to not only me but many others. I'm just the most vocal one about it. So no.. at this point, let's not save Sansar - and if so, certainly not for folk like this. Many of these people were constantly giving Sansar ultimatums and threats of pulling their content and 'leaving the platform', and blaming others for god knows what - trying to get others constantly banned. Then, because they thought they had a supporting ear, they'd be in my private messages in Discord saying all sorts of negative things, that I should quit along with them, they pulling their store items, experiences, etc. When that didn't work, then they'd try other tactics like rumour, slander and complete lies to force me off the platform. Yet I didn't go anywhere, since I believed in Sansar, and I was in it for the long term, the big vision. And yet.. all of this falls again on LL and (some of) their staff's shoulders - because none of this stuff could have been done without the staff participating - making decisions without investigation, getting personally involved with the same people, being unprofessional, and taking action without mediation. (but that's a whole other subject on it's own) You like to blog a lot here about Sansar, and good for you, but I will offer another view on my 1.5 years experience in Sansar - there's more than enough kumbayahing going around that it's okay for me to take the other side to balance it out. Add to that that I am severely disappointed and pissed off about the whole affair of Sansar's failure, that of course I am going to be stating my opinion on the points I believed contributed to it, from my view. Disclaimer: Not that I should have to clarify this, but not ALL Sansarians are trouble.
  11. Although I would agree that it is quite clunky to make worlds in Sansar, many did make worlds in Sansar despite its shortcomings. I was constantly giving feedback on how to improve the editor to facilitate quicker building, what I would need to get to my goals - and not much was improved in that area. I did work with Sansar's shortcomings and was quite patient on that aspect as I create my own stuff so had a lot of work to do blocking out stuff, organizing the game level, making terrain and assets. The social part and over-discipline from Staff mainly took the wind out of the sails for a bit. Then they hid all the worlds behind a new UI of the Codex, and it became very hard (even as an avid Explorer am I) to find anyone. Still at the end of the day, even when finding stuff, the engaging content or replayability wasn't there. And if there is nothing to do, people won't stay, people won't tell others, and they will leave. The fact is, despite it's technical issues, there was plenty ability to make content, with quests, simple scripts, animations and clever design. I was working towards that goal myself, but now won't be doing it on Sansar apparently. Constant and immediate feedback (if taken), constant exposure of watching how users navigate your world, how they solve problems, quests etc. Almost daily interaction with others (if you share) regarding technical things that help in creating things. All things you wouldn't get as you develop in Unity or Unreal all by yourself. However, as some Sansar user's goals needed tech that wasn't available yet, and them throwing out ultimatums all the time "I want this feature else I'll leave Sansar!", I advised them just to work on something else - plenty of stuff to do - until the tech was available. If they wanted to make World of Warcraft, then maybe they should go elsewhere with their way high expectations and demands. There are many issues, but in this topic II addressed one. A big one. Content is king, and to get the masses attention away from Fortnite, Counterstrike, and every other super popular game out there, although one doesn't have to try to match such skill, as a whole need to contribute content for people to come and stay. Roblox wasn't successful because people could hang out and wear high heels... it was VERY game based,and allowed everyone to make a game, share a game, and make money on it. Now there's millions of screaming kids running around laughing with glee spending their parent's money on power ups and micro-transactions. Sure, it's all about momentum.. You get the ball rolling, create good content, funnel people into that content, and encourage creators to create their best. if you step on your creators - and do everything BUT respect creators, it's bound to die (if you don't have corporate ones to build them for you). Even Sanrio, and Hello Kitty, and other corporations who built "Experiences" didn't have much to do other than throwing horseshoes, and glittery rings around.. Just ended up just being a corporate advertisement... who's gonna be excited about that? If Sanrio really wanted to do it right, they'd make an Experience that was like an amusement park... have your store at the end if you will, but CONTENT is everything.
  12. Featuring the same 20 people that were there a year ago, and the year before that, give or take 1-2 new people they brought into the fold. The rest they have managed to exclude and chase away, so still they dance with and by themselves. If you're not the type of person to worship others, and lavish them constantly with praise and adoration - you 'will quickly find yourself standing alone'. Well, I guess they still have it all to themselves.. until it closes. They got what they wished for. Keeping Sansar small and for themselves. A fitting ending for a group of self-absorbed, selfish narcissists, to put all that time and effort into trying to control everyone and everything - and ending up with nothing.
  13. Oh look what happens when some engaging VR happens, YouTubers notice, are having lots of fun, and 2.5 Mill views in a week and quickly climbing. Yes, you must build it first, and make it engaging. So I wonder.. is anyone getting 2.5 million views on their SL and Sansar experiences? nope. My plan would be to definitely try to get to this level, no matter where I go, or what engine I end up in.
  14. So instead of offering a counter argument as to what engages people in worlds, SL or Sansar, you want to take the polarized position that the most popular have no content. Interesting. Well , experiences will vary, and opinions can vary much amongst age groups. Yes, people will convene where others convene, because they want to meet people, want to see what all the hub-bub is about, and also FOMO. This however doesn't mean the place that they are at is engaging, or even good. Yep. Most popular places can be the most boring and uninspiring yep. You nailed it. That popularity can even change if you get a small group to unite with each other - a valid tactic. Even if I had a game server, we would create one and populate it with friends. People see it higher on the list, and come and play, and it snowballs. Still, we had to keep having those people come back to play on our server - so we'd have events, clan vs clan tournaments, practices, and silly custom map nights. We had to be fair admins and trustworthy, so we could build a trusted community. You see, there are different groups, with different needs, and to appeal to a wide swath of people, its good to provide content to each group. Some are happy sitting around in the dark around a campfire listening to someone play the Beetles for 2 hours, others are in a maze, and others want exploration, adventure and gaming. Most 'experiences' on SL and Sansar are just 'worlds', with nothing to do if not driven by chat or events. It's too bad they decided to go back to 'worlds' and not use 'experiences'. The very word "experience" kind of sets the goal that all should aspire to. I'd prefer to err on the side of content, and an intent to create an "Experience", even if only for pride, but just the enjoyment of watching people go through and enjoying it themselves. If you aim to turn a profit, then how many visitors you get, how many return, and if they're sharing with other people becomes very important - if they're not coming back, you better find out why... All of this can be debated, but my original post was simply an appeal to those reading it to at least try to attain a goal of their world being an 'experience' rather than just another place people warp into, see nothing to do , and warp out. You can agree or disagree, doesn't matter. If people dropped their egos about all this stuff, and actually listened to the feedback they were getting on their creations, they might have more success.
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