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  1. Yes. The issue is mainly with being able to make smaller avatars (of all species) due to some morphing issues, and creators not making them yet.
  2. The SL Marketplace is broken, due to the misuse of keywords listings and other: It is actually 'keyword spam', which contributes to the MP's demise - and there is nothing any of us can do about it. If I were to 'help' improve the MP by reporting every single listing that used keywords unrelated to the product, I would get carpal tunnel syndrome. Most listings are simply abused due to ignorance or simply are attempts to game the system. Let's use "Original Photo: The Forest With Bridge In Frame" as an example. How would I find this? So I searched the MP "forest bridge photo" and what comes up? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=G&search[keywords]=forest+bridge+photo Not seeing many results for what I'm looking for... The listings provided have a combo of the search terms in the title, but all abuse the system with keyword spam - with keywords not even relating to the product they are selling. The only antidote to this is to be very specific in both your title and in your keywords, and if your description area further describes your product, it will actually show up in Google listings quite well. I've noticed that many SL marketplace items will show up in Google search when I may be looking for reference, because their titles and keywords are excellent. Also, being found on the MP means people need to be specifically searching for your product - if they're not searching for it, there is no demand. If they are searching for it, but not buying it - then there may be other reasons why they are not - quality, subjectivity to art, price, etc. In your merchant area on the site you can find "Top Selling Products" and "Top Searched Products" to see which of your products is being searched the most, and by extension how many sell out of the searches. Learn to use this tool. It isn't great, but it's something to attempt to measure your success. For myself, I modeled a piece of furniture that I designed myself - it has 0 sales as to this date. Is it bad? nope. Is it too pricey? doubt it, it's near free or dirt cheap. It's just that noone is looking for it, noone is searching for it, and unless it is seen inworld by someone else (due to having a store, or someone else bought it and they see it) - it's dead in the water. So one must adjust to what is in demand and go from there. Please fix your keywords though: They are too many, not describing the product, and won't help getting you found anyway. Get into the world and a gallery and see what people like or don't like, what sells, etc. Also, as Chic Aeon has stated, art isn't a big seller in SL (or Sansar), and especially now in 2020 - where free pictures, photos, illustrations abound and can be uploaded by anyone royalty free. If anything at the base, you can make money selling the actual frames instead - thats where the value actually is. I haven't sold much art, because it seems people are buying them for the actual frames I made instead (display frames, tapestry, kiosks, etc) So try that angle, but then put YOUR art as a default on it. It is more imperative that people create unique works and advanced works, as more and more people are entering into 3D modeling and competition is fierce - so focusing on what you can offer as an individual will be paramount. Hope this helps a bit and puts things into perspective.
  3. Whatever your politics or ideals, don't try to compel LL staff to enforce your views, or be your servant in enforcing whom you believe is speaking 'hate' or not. The guidelines can be applied without all that. If it is harassment, first use the mute/block functions available to all users. If they circumvent that somehow, then it may fall under continued harassment and file a ticket. Any right you deny another user in SL or person in RL can be denied you, so be careful what you call for on others.
  4. There's always someone to apologize for lowering stats, with the weirdest excuses - which is just straight up living in denial. Some stats are better than NO stats. Between the Steam stats and random looks at who's in world at any given moment; All Worlds List (View Logged Out Because Users Who Blocked You Are Omitted) One will find that there isn't much difference in numbers between the two - like 20 seen on the Sansar Worlds page vs 14 on Steam page. The Steam stats do not show an increase, but actually a 33% decrease in concurrency overall since last December 2018. So if they really want to continue with this project, they're going to have to look at all areas - and see what is killing Sansar. I've been there for a year and seen many things happen that have crippled it. 1) Work people did broke due to avatar updates - from avatars themselves to clothing 2) Social Justice and Gender politics turning Sansar into a battleground instead of a social creative space 3) Constant pivot decisions that affected the individual goals of creators there 4) A choice to hide the worlds users created behind 5) General toxicity, snitch culture, liar culture, victim culture and rampant narcissism 6) Special treatment of individuals and groups 7) Getting upset with the community because they weren't 'producing enough', perhaps regarding worlds or making quests... yet they don't know people were working on them long term... 8) The usual heavy-handedness, zero-tolerance, and sometimes personal thrills of disciplining people to the point that users live in fear of bans and losing all their invested time in Sansar 9) Maybe a repeat point, but general lack of professionalism in all things, and especially with dealing with individuals and groups 10) Undermining of trust in the Sansar marketplace due to assets being uploaded and sold that originate from other sites and not from the creators present on Sansar. At this point, unless the seller states it, you're probably rolling the dice buying something, complimenting them, etc then finding out they didn't make it at all.... I'd love Sansar to succeed, as it would be a platform I could grow with, rather than coming in near the end with SL, which has limited time, be it 1-5 years. However due to many issues, from social to technical, it may simply be doomed unless the cards are shuffled and new and competent people are found to take it to the next level, and more respect for the creators who make content for them. In the end, and above all else, the responsibility for the success or failure falls on the shoulders of those in management - who make all the decisions, regulations, governance, and application of Sansar. There seems to be no oversight over staff decisions and at least publicly the power seems to be with only 2-3 staff members, who may have to get changed out for Sansar to proceed. We'll see.
  5. Yes there were a few very helpful people there, as there is on any platform. I apologize for not including that disclaimer that NOT ALL were toxic.
  6. HI Fidelity's social aspect died because the early group of users there were toxic, not only to new users, but even to each other. Hi Fidelity got tired of dealing with this drama, especially when it spilled over into their general area, with a 'Money Tree' at the center, and inevitably after that was removed, moved the drama and bickering and fighting to the Help Desk area, driving staff there crazy. Of course, with the social aspect removed, and creators pretty much hamstringed, along with the technical and poorly documented methods of even getting any content to work there, it wouldn't be long before it would die. The irony is, that same group who used to bash Sansar and SL, moved to Sansar because they had no other choice, and brought that crap attitude along with them. Sansar is headed the same way. Has a similar toxic early community who wants to defend its power structure and keep the platform small, except with the added detriment of Staff actually supporting the toxicity - which includes vetting, ostracizing and favouritism. Meanwhile VRChat is soaring, because it allows users to be users, and there are plenty of creative opportunities there. There is a place to integrate Corporate events and such, but the lifeblood, much like it was in Second Life, will be what imaginative creators bring into existence.
  7. If you're really hard up, use a second viewer and an alt account to function as a camera. If you have the computer resources, they may work out short term.
  8. Learning a hipoly to low poly workflow is very important. Even if Second Life doesn't put limits on your models, doesn't mean you should do it. Yes, retopology is hard work though with some programs (even in ZBrush) the process has become easier - but it is kind of your duty as a creator, on any platform to optimize your meshes and avatars to the best of your ability. if you ever plan to be hired by pros, or do work for pros, or even be pro yourself - it is a good goal to aspire to. Don't think of poly limits as stifling, but rather 1) a challenge to optimize the best you can whilst still making the mesh look great 2) necessary for the smooth operation of the platform on different devices = more audience = more sales. The irony of your statement is that Second Life is an older platform, and REALLY needs you to optimize. Anyways thats my tip: Learn to optimize and make it a habit. 😄 And welcome! There is a reason why men's wear is not a large area of interest for many; because it reflects demand in RL. Men are not usually shoppers, nor are they big consumers of clothing and outfits and the like. In general, if you try to sell men's wear, it just won't sell. if you make women's wear, it sells.. You can choose to make men's wear and good luck, you may find some success. However women are the main consumers of clothing items in RL and virtual, so it is natural that there would be more creators making stuff for them. Also, keep in mind, that you should not say "I am skilled at meshing" if you haven't adopted and mastered the Hi Poly to Lo Poly and mesh optimization as part of your skillset.
  9. yep, was just throwing out a number. I have a simple avatar in use that only has 4000k My favourite quote of this discussion because its true, haha. I can be smug about the work I do to optimize in both SL and Sansar, trying to contribute to keep everything efficient and looking good, but being smug is all you will get for it. Others who dont do this still get clout and sales - I get to be smug hahahaahah
  10. Oddly enough, these people think it is fine to do this. Although not just limited to beginners, some 'experts' still do this too, because the product 'looks better' to them. In my dealings with these types of people, it literally boils down to their personality type or mental development - they can't defer gratification and don't want to do the work necessary. It's a constant aggravating factor to me, as these people may be making store listings and getting sales - because their customers are oblivious to it, and meanwhile I'm working my ass off making other products that are optimized and with the smallest footprint possible for the quality. Its VERY hard to watch others get sales, community status and financial success that are effectively cheating the system to serve their own interests - now resulting in a laggy SL. The more narcissistic types are impossible to approach. Try to help them by suggesting ways to make their products more efficient, or reporting that their 'LOD' (or lack of LODS) causes their 140,000 vertice object to blink out after 1m, and you'll just come back to an angry rant in your PM box. Some who come to me for help don't want to listen to it, because it will mean it will take work. Just ZBrush the avatar with 3 million vertices, remesh down to 40,000, with no care to topology or otherwise, slap a tiling texture for the skin and upload it.. Or the worst case I've recently seen.. using the materials from ZBrush, so each mesh part that was in it now has it's own texture.. then upload 30 materials up... At least SL has a limit of 8 materials per mesh, but then they just separate anyway... Ughhhh ignorance is bliss, why do I notice this crap... lol
  11. Oh, I believe that it is a wee bit more prudish than just not allowing sexual content on Sansar. I don't think it's going to succeed or fail based on just that - I have done fine in SL as a user and a creator without ever having to consume or create sex content. A large issue with Sansar that is very different than SL is their goal to create a 'safe space' for users - but to the point that their discipline and execution of said methods has been draconian. This has been driven in part by users who cannot handle problems on their own, or get offended at everything and everyone for one reason or another. Trust me, if you open your mouth in Sansar, you are bound to offend someone... This gets turned into "If you don't do anything to stop him from offending me again, I will leave Sansar" or "I am demotivated" and even as far as one user saying "I will kill myself". This puts undue pressure on Staff, who might mean well (I hope) in their efforts, but become a totalitarian parental overseer that won't let the kids settle on their own, and instead have to break up every fight - which then goes unresolved and festers even more. I'm hoping that with recent staff changes, that this kind of thing does not continue - I've noticed staff back off a bit and I appreciate it - answering every little sneeze and wiffle is not the way to go, and frankly new users want to act like jackasses for a bit, then they will settle down. It's almost like new users want to test the community - and up until now at least, the community is failing because they have no patience at all - and quickly execute and call for sitewide bans on individuals they consider as 'bad apples' or 'rubbing people the wrong way'. Read some of the Steam reviews and many recent ones directly address the current community as being toxic. No surprise to me, because when I first joined, I overheard members of what they now call themselves "the Core Group", were lamenting the growth of Sansar at the time, and how they would 'like to keep it small" - presumably for their own benefit and to ensure their own status as big fish in a little pond.
  12. Sansar is very unstable to long-term investment, and in general the 'core group' of users that have been there remain the same - albeit for a few more additions of people who 'towed the line' and are now in. By December, we may see the same core group of users happily operating all by themselves - owning the whole shop (about 30 of them). The early community core group there has become toxic, and hostile to new users. Impatient of any technical issues new users have, or 'bad' behaviour easily solved with mute/block, becoming a snitch community always getting staff members involved, and ostracizing those 'who rub others the wrong way' (in other words, have a differing opinion). Sansar has become an echo chamber to the early adopters - the staff unable to see true and potential talent, supporting people who claim to be victims, praising people who need to improve their skills, and rewarding behaviour that is detrimental to the platform. Favouritism abounds, the lack of professionalism in dealing with users is shocking - political idealogies turning Sansar into a battleground rather than a creative platform. There is more to Sansar that makes it ill than just technical - it's the same sickness that destroyed the social aspect of HIFI - drama and calls to exclude groups - and those same users are now in Sansar doing the same thing. Not a friendly place from technical to social for the aspiring creator such as myself - that just wants to build and share cool stuff with others. The only cure is to get 1000s and 1000s of users to dilute the power of the early toxic core group - and to get a real audience for the rest of us. I have created all-new stuff and experiences (not released yet) for Sansar - which have been broken in one way or another over the last year.. combined with the constant heavy-handed manner of trying to make me conform - has not overall been a pleasant experience.
  13. I find him quite handy, the body count is rising while Sansar numbers are falling, now you know why.
  14. Thanks for the tutorial, but we need this somewhere on the Sansar site as well
  15. Concurrent users is a more important factor, also it is a bit scary to see as we head to December 2019 that there are LESS concurrent users NOW than back then. When the numbers start rising to 3000+ concurrent users, which may take some time - there may be a critical point where it explodes. As of right now, those stats are probably not good to show anyone Also keep in mind, it's not just LL using profits from Second Life to drive Sansar's development and investment. Many of us creators are ALSO using our Second Life profits (and spare time) to fund investing our time and IP into Sansar as well. It's not only LL taking a risk at this, but all creators who are investing in it, in whatever form they choose. If Sansar fails, so does our IP we've created for Sansar, as well as all our hours spent as well. If, however, it takes off.. - better to be a part of it as a NEW platform into the future. Some of us got to the SL party too late... so it's nice to participate in a new platform even if currently it is -$$$ profit at this point.
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