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  1. Merchants competing from third world countries, that's who. On the subject of increased cashout fees, we just have to pass it onto the consumer. If no longer able to make a profit, then take the business elsewhere.
  2. Here's a case scenario; A reviewer has a problem with your product, eg "Textures are too blurry". So I review the product, find it is in fact, shockingly blurry (wondering why because it wasn't when I uploaded the product, or it's because I use a UHD monitor now and can see that it is blurry), so I do my best to fix the issue and re-uv to maximize. Instead of flagging the review, and trying hard not to get angry because I wasn't contacted inworld about this (I always want to make the best product I can at any given time), I informed the customer it was fixed and they could re-deliver. To this day, no response to the fix/improvement, and the review still stands, with a lower star rating than it would normally be given if all was okay.. Since not one unit has been sold since, presumably from such a low and inaccurate rating, might as well give it away for free, or just remove it from the Marketplace altogether... I'm okay though, I just use the reply section to address their concerns, and if anyone bothers to read it, they will think "oh cool, he will fix issues if they come up".. But technically isn't that now an outdated review that may not reflect the current status of the product?
  3. Good submission of tutorials, always valuable. I am looking for an updated and correct way of uploading avatar accessories, .Apparently the tutorials I've watched on accessories upload does not work, and I can't find an updated one. also a workflow of rigging an avatar to the Sansar bones, without reliance on Avastar. If I missed something in the tutorials you provided, I apologize, I haven't watched them all yet (just discovered today). As mention on Discord, thanks.
  4. Wonderful. Anything that can strengthen the elite, raise the bar and imply other people who aren't at that level make trash... is always good. (sarcasm) One is 'qualified' or 'certified' in LSL if their script solves a problem and operates. If you want people to be more efficient, then teach them. All this will do is "Scripted Hover Chair | LSL Certified" Give me a break.
  5. Notice the usual suspects didn't react lovingly to your post? Ha ha.. This forum is really, really bad for that. One would be lucky to get a response to the OP past 3 replies - then its off into lala land for some of these folks.. Whoops.. there I go responding to the OP again... I was supposed to derail... Gotta break that habit and when in Rome...
  6. Hi, I just thought I'd come participate in this necro thread, and like many of the preceding and habitually off topic posters.. do the same. Here's a tip to Staying On Topic: Reply to the OP, not to some random post that triggered you. Have a good day.
  7. Good product, but I gave it 3 stars because it should be available in red, I should be able to change the texture that attracted me to purchase the product in the first place, and I also want it to fly around my sim like a bird. If it could do that, I would definitely give this 5 stars!
  8. Like I said, as soon as one group start to label themselves something, the implication is that those who don't wear or display the label themselves could be someone not to be trusted... It's not a good way of conducting business, and is close to becoming 'anti-competitive' behaviour, and really shouldn't be encouraged in any way on any LL platform. Anti-Competitive or Abusive Behavior. Examples include, but are not limited to: inflating prices on the SL Marketplace, in comparison to other e-commerce sites, posting hostile or false reviews or comments on a competing merchant's items, posting reviews that encourage users to buy competitor products, or visit in world locations, posting item listings that are abusive or disparaging with respect to another merchant or their products. using alternate or related accounts to purchase or rate your own items, rewarding buyers for reviews unless both positive and negative reviews are rewarded. Of course noone is OUTRIGHT disparaging or calling into question another merchant SPECIFICALLY, but it is certainly an attempt by one merchant to declare themselves above another, and now THAT merchant has to subscribe to the same group think in order to feel competitive themselves.
  9. As an 'original mesher' , not only by the dictionary definition (most of the time) and of the twisted SL 'definition', I'm not missing any point. I just don't see the need for, nor should we encourage this kind of stuff between creators here. Do I have to now jump on board because I want to be 'legit' and hopefully get the validation and credentials from some small sect of consumers who care? All one has to do is comply with the terms and conditions of Second Life and the Marketplace and there should be no need to seperate oneself from 'others'. Like I said, it's almost 'anti-competitive' behaviour to imply others work is not up to snuff, or somehow inferior without some community badge to say so. Anyways, its just a post to put up to discuss, people can get all ruffled if they want.
  10. Well, well, well. Good for you guy who have taught me the Second Life meaning of 'original mesh', now I can feel all safe and secure buying objects from merchants who have to specifically state "I made this mesh myself". HAHA. It's almost anti-competitive in nature, because it's like you are implying others who do NOT state 'original mesh' must be creators you can't trust. "But buy my product, because it's original mesh...." Give me a break. SL elitist example proven. There's even a well known SL Creator on Sansar currently, promoting 'original mesh' in their works, as if anyone even cares, except the person who lists it as such. And what do the customers do? Do they care? Why do you want them to care? Should we all go with your stupid 'assurance of quality' scheme and put 'original mesh' on all our listings now too? Ha ha, y'all 'orginal meshers' are hilarious.
  11. I've seen groups like these, and even individuals who sport this sort of badge on their products, and even belong to groups regarding this. What exactly is an 'original mesh'? I consider an original mesh to be a piece that is concepted by, modeled by, and presented by the artist himself, albeit 'their' style and finished piece inspired by everything around them and their life experience. However, these individuals and groups seem to want to apply "100% original mesh" to mesh pieces that simply replicate already existing products from the real-world, some even going so far as to put the actual brand names on the textures for the objects they create... Considering it is very easy for a '3D Artist' to simple 'trace' from a photograph, or even model directly from it.. where is the actual orginality? One day I opened up Illustrator and 'traced' a snapshot of my avatar, in a pose from in-game that I did not create myself, and saved the resultant product as a 'work'. Is it really original? Well the avatar design might be, the clothes I chose (even those aren't mine either)... Is the resultant vector file and 'original work', or just a reproduction into vector form of an existing artwork? The difference is, I wouldn't present it as an 'original work'. The awesome thing about SL, and the VALUE one offers to users of it will be, will be in your creativity in presenting an object. There are more than enough crates, barrels and park benches out there - one would think why bother modeling those again? Now modeling a park bench out of metal plumbing pipes, welded onto bicycle frames at either end, concepted (through sketches and scribblings) by the artist themselves, then modeled to that, could certainly qualify as "100% original mesh". I prefer using 'unique design' or 'innovative design' rather than '100% original" because as an artist, I am the sum of all the sights, sounds and experiences in my life, and everything goes into a big pot, gets stirred and churned and matured, and comes out in the form of a mental library in which I can create new works. Going to the IKEA catalogue and replicating all the trendy furniture in it, uploading the model and textures (sometimes with a brand name or gaming the system using brand-like names), then claiming it is an 'original mesh".. well that's a pretty loose definition... Perhaps instead of using 'badges' or icons or claims in your listings and telling us how original you are... How about SHOW us. Have a good day, hope you're inspired to go that one (or two) extra steps in your creations. PS. Other thoughts: Do most consumers care about creativity and originality? Or do they want products in VR that may not be able to get in RL? What's the line drawn when it comes to claiming work as your own or 'original' anyway?
  12. I would just say that when a sub category gets big enough, where the products are actually replicating what is on the marketplace; Here is a fireplace, now here is a red fireplace, here is a stone fireplace, here is a iron fireplace, here is a TINY fireplace, here is TINY red fireplace, here is TINY stone fireplace, here is a TINY iron fireplace, here is a Gacha fireplace, here is a Gacha red fireplace, here is a Gacha stone fireplace, etc. Then it needs it's own market at that point to serve that niche directly. When one arrives as an <ahem> regular-scale fella shopping for a brand new TV, there is no need to be assaulted with Tiny items in the listing. Nor should I have to spend time to set a NOT on my search. When the numbers of these minority product groups were low, it didnt really matter. But when and if any of these end up going 1:1, then it is time for a market split, and people would essentially go to each market, which in turn would be more specific to that taste. Tiny Market here, Gacha (flea market) there. If you were a Gacha or Tiny fan, you would probably be happy about this, as you can spend your searches 100% in the interest of your choice. You could always return to the regular marketplace at any time. I see we can shop BY COMMUNITY, and that is great for those of those communities. At the least Gacha should be added to it, because not only is it replicating TENFOLD the product listings on the regular market, but they are adding IMAGE SPAM as well (I ranted about this a year or so ago). Sorting by community does not help the rest of us who have to wade through listings and products we never use because we are not Tiny or Furry or Gacha Fiends, so we have to see EVERYTHING. Gacha is a scourge, and has been banned around the world, yet still exists on SL. The least can be done is to dedicate it's own submarket gachafiends/marketplace.secondlife.com
  13. I like this debate/discussion, I'm learning a lot he he. I think I've already done what Optimo has done in the past, by accident to solve a 'newb' problem I had. Just trying to process exactly what is going on and the possibilities of it. I was probably already doing it, but was told it was the 'wrong way', and that 'tiling' or inworld was preferred - While I walk around inworld and see amazingly textured with nice shadows and such... feel like noone wants the competition in SL, so instead of competing on workmanship or creativity, they take the tools and knowledge away from newcomers.. Still discussions like this are valuable for those of us apparently not in the in-crowd. Thanks Optimo for the info. I would prefer to use multiple textures, and use UV space much more effectively, but I've also heard the argument that using multiple textures can sometimes add up to MORE MB overall, and that the calls themselves to the database also creates overhead.. I'm also one for spending time optimizing the mesh, lods, and textures... also as a work of art if it isn't just a blatant rip off of a real world item.. there is pride and time and work into it.. and it's an insult that someone DEMANDS mod on it, but I've said my peace on that already. I'll be incorporating what I've read into my newer works now.. knowing I was on the right track all along. Thanks. PS. Whoops. Necro'd.. but still relevant today
  14. So I managed to fight with the new Hasbro like interface of Blender and re-learned all the shortcuts and was making some headway in it... But when I went to bake out some normals and AO and Diffuse, the resultant bakes were horrible. Am i the only one with this? I'll return back to 2.79 for functional purposes, but now the UI looks old to me, lol.. Can't win. Got my copy of Substance Painter 2019 at the ready now.. perhaps I'll join the masses and start using proprietary software like everyone else...
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