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  1. it looks like a corupt file maybe try take the pic again or you have a problem with your memory device, i.e memory card or hard drive? i know memory cards go like this when they are corupt and normally you have to buy a new card, hopefully its just an internet problem
  2. i have the toshiba satalite pro, intel core i3 6gb ram, win7, sky modem, wireless and cable but not very fast but thats not the issue i cant even load the login page? on any of the viewers :/ im an old user and have $400 in my account but cant even get on there, do i need to upgrade my graphic card? this computer even crashes when i open photoshop cs3? not even a game, any idea's? hi i have always had a problem with opening any photoshop program and thought i'd try secondlife to see if i had the same problem, i have the saterlite pro c660, 6gb RAM, 64bit, 2 core, hard disc 465gb, intel (r) H
  3. k so ive set up a new account and it all works fine, so y is my account not workin?? do u think its cause i got so much stuff it cant handle it or is it that my other account is an older account? think around 4 5 years old?
  4. i use 2 b able 2 play fine but cant log in at all now, im worryed cause i hav loads of buildings, clothes and skins all brought ages ago, i been tryin 2 log on 4 months but nuffin can anyone help?? is there a problem with old accounts? i hav only been able 2 log in once the rest of the time i hav the wrong linden dollars and cant see anythin??? i have - intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 4400 @2.00GHz 1.00GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 9600GS also on virgin media, so should hav great connection it takes a while 2 get through the log in then when its ment to log into world its blank like in=m stuck under water, i
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