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  1. Alright I'd like to dance in almost any club the is moderate and under. I am willing to dance for anyone in need of dancers so long as hours are flexible. I have some experience dancing, but not much, however, I would like to expand my repitour. If you are interested in hiring me, contact me via PM or in-world... THANKS!
  2. I'm definitely interested....
  3. Awesome, I'm a dancer looking for hire so that I can provide the world with more awesome, one of a kind katanas, spears, and chakrams. I can easily work 2 hour shifts on tuesdays, thursdays, and saturdays seeing as those are the times where I am gauranteed to get access to my computer. I like to sometimes work more than 2 hour shifts if I'm allowed to. Feel free to give me a buzz in-world so we can chat more about this.
  4. Oooooh, sounds like fun... I make weapons like spears, swords, and chakrams. Send me the picture and I'll see what I can do.
  5. sounds awesome, I look forward to working with you more on this... but anywho here is the basic detail. There are some swords out there that can do things similar to spell huds which is kind of what I want to do here. Basically you have the sword, chakram, or spear, you click a button on a hud, and depending on what the prompt tells you to do, you can either use mouselook to fire, or use the hud to target the enemy. Basically I want to be able to make advanced weapons that can fire projectiles, have cool release stages, and such. Basically, how Black Shoten does their work if you have seen it. Anywho, I will not be online tomorrow nor monday (due to preset limits by my folks) but I will be on at least a little bit the rest of the week...
  6. Alright, I build swords, spears, chakrams, but I always run into the problem of getting good scripts for them. I know a scripter whom was my partner, but real life called him away and he is hardly online anymore. So now I am reaching out. I need someone to form a business relationship with that with either A) Script my weapons and when they sell not only get to keep the weapon they script but get half of the profit of said weapon. B) Will teach me how to script, give me advice, get me started in the right direction, and occasionally script some of my items. You will still get free weapons of whatever I build. This person is to be trustworthy, meaning they will not steal my weapons and sell them themselves... Thanks so much for your time, and feel free to message me inworld.
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