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  1. Operatic metal. Instruments, arrangement, production and mix by yours truly. Operatic vocalist wishes to remain anonymous. Distorted vocals by Jorvald Resident and myself. Enjoy \m/
  2. And an update - another random person was able to get in, even after clearing the lists of allowed groups and people in the Estate/Region panel. I guess it's time to start up a support ticket - I'll post the resolution (if I get one) in case anyone else ends up running into this problem. Thank you all for the replies and assistance. ? EDIT: Fixed! Got in touch with LL via live chat. Apparently, "Parcel owners can be more restrictive" has to be ticked in order for the sim to be "locked" to you and your whitelist/estate managers.
  3. That would explain part of it, I suppose. The people getting in weren't bots. They had normal profiles and were walking around clicking stuff until I politely asked them to leave. I have full control of the group I created, yes. I'm going to try your suggestion and wait to see if it worked (usually a few randos come in every day).
  4. I wanted to see if I could get help here first before doing that because I'm not sure if its a technical issue or that I'm not ticking a box somewhere.
  5. I own a 30k sim that I'm currently renovating. Of course, I'd prefer to keep it locked while I work. An issue I've come across is that random people can still get in. Double checked my settings until I discovered this: This is grayed out. I set the group Uruk - City of the Sword to the parcel (parcel being the entire sim) and I own the group. This is what the region/estate's main tab looks like (cut off the bottom to protect people's privacy). I find it odd that access and estate can have conflicting values at all. What am I doing wrong here?
  6. Is it possible to change the group of all rezzed objects in one region at the same time? Attempting to negotiate this feat doing small chunks at a time equates to a bleak weekend for me.
  7. I'm looking for a group animation sequence for a good old fashioned fist fight. Preferably, 1 vs 2 or 3. I can't seem to find any in world or on the MP. Any suggestions?
  8. Alwin Alcott, of course no one can see my business concerning LL. All I'm asking is if there's an average wait time for a region to be delivered, or is just sporadic and random like some other services rendered by LL?
  9. Title pretty much says it. Bought a full region directly from LL today around 3 SLT. I also read the Wiki: Emphasis mine. Its been well over four hours and nothing. Everything was green on the status page as well when I bought it. How long does it usually take?
  10. Catty corner is just SL slang for sims that are connected diagonally. It's also used IRL for diagonal opposites. Thank you for the information.
  11. If your'e catty-cornered to another sim that you have nothing to do with, can they see your sim surrounding?
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