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  1. IM me in-world or send me a notecard to discuss details. *The region must be empty. *The region will be renamed. Thank you.
  2. I'm still learning how to rig mesh and was wondering the specifics behind not being able to rig mesh in C4D for SL? I know you can rig in the program, but I was wondering why it won't work. I do not like using Blender for a variety of reasons - the main being that the UI is a hellish nightmare. What are other alternatives for rigging that have a user-friendly interface besides 3DS Max and Maya? Or is there a way to tweak C4D's rigging system to be compatible with SL?
  3. Well, well, well. Looks like the grid status post has finally come through here. Titivate, that update shouldn't affect residents logging in. But at least we know what's causing it now. I wish the post would have come a little sooner so that we wouldn't sit here scratching our heads for a good 20 minutes, LOL.
  4. Good evening all, I can't seem to log into SL. I've tried several different simulators to no avail. This has never happened to me before (I have a beastly computer and lightning fast internet). This is the message I get every time I attempt to log in : Any suggestions? EDIT:: Two of my friends are having the same problem. We checked the grid status and there doesn't seem to be any maintenence that would affect logins.
  5. Need a script that allows a walker to play more than one sound and each sound random and non-sequential. It'd be nice to get a version with a dialog menu as well, but not required. State your fee and timeframe and I'll IM.
  6. How would I go about scripting a door that turns phantom and transparent on click? I don't want it on a timer, though. The way it should revert back is upon click again. This is for a horse-drawn carriage. Thanks.
  7. How would I go about scripting a door that turns phantom and transparent on click? I don't want it on a timer, though. The way it should revert back is upon click again. This is for a horse-drawn carriage. Thanks.
  8. I'm attempting to make a practice dummy, and I'd like to know where I should start as far as scripting it goes. I'm okay at scripting, but I still have much to learn. The dummy is already made and very simple, and I also want the dummy to be compatible with DCS only, pretty much. Should the script be collision based, or? Thank you. :)
  9. I was browsing the Marketplace and then saw this tank. What truly caught my eye was the tattoo the model was wearing. I tried IMing the creator but she won't tell me. You can see it says "The Devil Wears Prada" near the neck, and there's a band name on the back IIRC but the angle didn't make all of it out. If anyone can tell me who created this tattoo or where I can buy it, I will forever be in your debt. -Trixter.
  10. Hey everyone! I'm an amateur scripter, but recently decided to try my hand in building. More specifically bows; compound, crossbows, etc. and I honestly don't know where to start looking. I bought 3DS Max/Maya (2012) to force myself to try my hardest to take building seriously, and would like some advice from some of you seasoned builders. If there are any weapon specific libraries or learning resources where I could learn specifics in regards to weapons and bows, that would be very much appreciated as well. I would like some ideas on how some of you go about building bows/weapons specifically, though, so that I have a better understanding of the ups and downs and 'habits' to get into. Thank you very much. :manvery-happy:
  11. I keep getting this awful glitchy garbled mess on my feet and ears when I use an invisy alpha. This is the glitch on my right ear, on my left ear, and here's the lovely garbled mess on my feet. Anyone know what could be causing this? At first I thought it was my viewer (was a patch behind), then I updated it, and still have this same annoying problem. I'm the only one who can see it, apparently. I use Phoenix.
  12. I tried those things, but they didn't seem to work. I'm using the non-mesh version of Firestorm at the moment. I should also mention that when I turn my AO off, my feet kind of curl up and look deformed.. as if I were trying to sit in the air, but once I walk.. my feet revert back to normal; still sunk in the ground albeit. Is there anything else I can try?
  13. I just switched over to Firestorm from using Phoenix since I started playing back in March. Anywho, the Firestorm viewer is all well and good (less laggy, doesn't hack my soundcard to bits, etc), but, I'm having an issue where my feet are stuck in the ground. I tried a lot of different hotfixes including rebaking, complete character test, creating a new LSL bridge, and moving Firestorm's cache. I tried the Z-Modifier thing, but only I can see that and after I start walking, it doesn't work anymore. Help?
  14. Randall Ahren wrote: Switch your router off and turn it back on. That worked for a second, but then it started to show the same error message again. UPDATE: I messed with my firewall settings and it logged me in for a brief moment, but then I received yet another error code: "We're having trouble connecting. There may be a problem with your internet connection or the Second Life servers. -- You can either check your internet connection and try again in a few minutes, click Help to connect to our support site, or click Teleport to attempt to teleport home." I reset my router again, the viewer logged me in but froze on something called 'region handshake' or something other, then gave the above errorcode again. Once again, does anyone have any idea what other fixes I could try? Thanks!
  15. I keep getting this error when I try to log in: "Unable to connect to the grid. Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong. Please check secondlife.com/status to see if there is a known problem with the service." I tried the following at least 2 times each: -Cleared cache -Reinstalled my viewer 3 times. -Tried using an earlier version of the viewer. -Restarted computer. -Checked my FIrewall/Anti-virus settings thrice. -Tried logging in on multiple viewers. -Tried logging into the mainland, several different regions, last location, home, etc. -Waited about 5mins between each 'fix' attempt. -All of the above again. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated! I should also note that I crashed before this started happening.
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