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  1. I've been a SL user for almost 4 years now, selling L$ used to be such a quick and simple process with XstreetSL.. 1 click and the money appears in Paypal literally a few seconds later.

    But since XstreetSL closed and Marketplace was born.... it now takes a about a week!! is there another way of selling L$ that i'm missing? because waiting a week is ridiculous. 

  2. Thanks for the answers so far everyone, i was hoping to find a way to enable avatars to emit particles, so i could enable particle beacons to indicate avatars on my screen from a distance, and other than if someone is wearing a particle source.. the only other way for an avatar to emit a particle would be when they are aren't rezzed properly as a particle cloud. making certain avatars particle clouds on my screen would be great but making all avatars particle clouds would also be good. i was hoping there would be a file i could delete or edit in my cache folder which would derender avatars in such a way.

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