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  1. Thanks for the replies all, I'll give Virwox a try although hopefully LindeX can speed up their selling L$ process one day
  2. I've been a SL user for almost 4 years now, selling L$ used to be such a quick and simple process with XstreetSL.. 1 click and the money appears in Paypal literally a few seconds later. But since XstreetSL closed and Marketplace was born.... it now takes a about a week!! is there another way of selling L$ that i'm missing? because waiting a week is ridiculous.
  3. thanks for the downloads Cerise they work fine for me except Inverse Kinematics which worked fine with the SL avatar mesh in earlier versions of daz using the .obj and IK seems to be working fine with the other characters
  4. It's the bigfoot networks network card i have the same problem please vote for my jira to help us fix this problem. When Linden Lab introduce the new search as standard, Bigfot Network card users simply won't be able to use SL anymore if we have our Bigfoot Network Cards in use. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-25909
  5. yes i already use phoenix, but i just wanted to be able to zoom out, an be able to see where people are, and i'll need avatars to be particle clouds to do so.
  6. Thanks for the answers so far everyone, i was hoping to find a way to enable avatars to emit particles, so i could enable particle beacons to indicate avatars on my screen from a distance, and other than if someone is wearing a particle source.. the only other way for an avatar to emit a particle would be when they are aren't rezzed properly as a particle cloud. making certain avatars particle clouds on my screen would be great but making all avatars particle clouds would also be good. i was hoping there would be a file i could delete or edit in my cache folder which would derender avatars in such a way.
  7. Does anyone know if it's possible to temporarily render others as particle clouds? so they only appear as particle clouds to myself ( either 1 by 1 or every avatar ) instead of de-rendering them to be totally invisible, even if it means removing or editing certain files from the cache folder.
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