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  1. I would like to devlope a secondlife based business environment that will serve as a collaborative platform for my real life business. I need to share video, images, a tooth chart, and if possible be able to skype in and communicate. My vision is for a three area office.. 1) front desk sign in kiosk people can register, answer health history questions, etc, 2) a dental chair with supportive video screens in the virtual world that I could open/ maiximize and share information with the live patient and a skype screen that when the diagnosising dentist is reviewing the records, a patient could ask questions etc. and I need 3) and administrative area for tracking patients for both the office and the diagnosing dentist. I would like for this to run on a tablet (Ipad 2, windows 07 or Android, so that the hygenist could collect the informtaion on a pad, and I could use a pad if necessary when moble to provide the exam. These business locations could be maped in a secondlife-Health environs and offices that are oepn could hit a beeper to "call the doctor" to do the exam. The beeper would go off in the Dentist portal, and I could refer the exam to the Dentist on call from that business identity. This development is all beyond my skillset, but the university of Maryland has a similar clinical faciility, so I know it can be done. I will be accepting bids for a project manager by writing Doc@Pandental.us. Please include your experience and other information so that I can make a selection as I will be closely working with this project's development. Doc Weston Reading PA. Please include your phone number, contact information and resume.
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