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  1. Hi thanks, yeah I am aware of the hiding online/offline status in the friends list. But even if they hide offline and are really online shouldn't his profile still read 'offline' even while hiding, as others do. In this case, however it does not, on the profile it has neither online or offline, yet to none friends it reads 'offline'. Thanks!
  2. Thanks but he is still on my friends list but the only person out of the entire list where it does not show his status on his profile. Other friends can see his online status on his profile, just not me. Any ideas?
  3. Hello Everyone, I've recently downloaded firestorm viewer on SL and have a question about the in-world profile information. On each of my friends profile it either has online (in green) or offline (in red) apart from one friend on my list which shows absolutely nothing. All the other information is there just not the online/offline status does anyone know why this is? Hope someone can help.
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