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  1. Selling my homestead @ transfer/renaming cost - OBO Please reply here or contact Lanmew Snowpaw , Arudora Resident or Synxirazu Lowenhar for details! Thanks, Landreu
  2. Buying a homestead tomarrow, Tuesday the evening of the 10th if I don't get any last minute offers, which I will consider even if they're not availble untill later in the month, in the meantime.
  3. I'm still looking, may be willing to pay a finders fee as long as the total price is still less than from LindenLabs. Several others have posted recently, I hope you consider my offer
  4. Hey all~! I'm currently looking to expand my sim with a homstead. Please reply here or contact Lanmew Snowpaw, Arudora Resident or Landreu Severine in-world with an offer and tier-date. Will pay for transfer, rename and agreed apon price. Money is ready in paypal, can move on this as soon as you like. Thank you for your consideration, ~Landreu
  5. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Homestead-Regions/ta-p/846139#Section_.2.4 I don't believed that grandfathered sims maintain their reduced pricing once transferred.
  6. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Homestead-Regions/ta-p/846139#Section_.2.4 Grandfathered sims that are transferred no longer keep their reduced monthly pricing. So it's no longer a sales point.
  7. Thanks for posting the solution here. Worked out great :>
  8. Again, this is only happening within SL periodically. No other program or game is effected. My PC is new, has an open case. And a http://www.japanese-sushi.net/vornado733bfullsizeaircirculatorfanblack-p-1727.html fan that I bought in japan, circulating air within the case. It is dust free and the CPU fan, GPU fan, chassis fan and PSU fan are all operating optimally. The whole rig minus the massive vaccume of a fan is really quiet. The room it is in is Air conditioned to a cosy 62degrees year around.
  9. Yeah, thought that it might be a texture loop or loading issues in SL. I've visited several sand boxes, different sims and such. The FPS will change from 14-30 depending on particles, sculpt and script usage but it still has random drops to 0, tried different accounts, avatars and whatnot. Its just.. Second life, whatever it is that is causing it. As for diagnostics, I've been looking <_>.. if someone could help me find one that would be super sexy, many kudos. I still suspect a power, or GPU issuem, just dunno why it's only effecting SL, if there is one.
  10. Cartainly not, just hoping something usefull will come of this post. I'd be perfectly happy having an excuse to upgrade my GFX and Power. On the other hand if I do that and SL is still being lame I'm gonna be pretty unhappy, I'd prefer to stabalize whatever the issue is now before I invest in my PC further.
  11. I'm really confused by this one, so here it goes. Currently when I use Second Life viewer 2, old school or phoenix viewer, my viewer will periodically go from its normal 34FPS to 0, stay there a second and go back. randomly, mostly when I'm doing anything, still often enough to be annoying when I'm just standing still typing. It seems most frequently when I'm loading my inventory or using a menu. I do not experience any lag, pausing or freezing in any other program while the client is freezing up. I do not experience any issues in other media like portal 2 or WOW, and I've always had my sett
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