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  1. maybe it's 4 am and it won't load ...me and 2 others can't load after Here click....donno maybe someone else has the answers
  2. how can i get the file sl_male.cr2 ...without the wiki wiki doesn't work when you click "here" on this webpage http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Create_Animations_with_Poser
  3. SL wiki doesn't work after you click Here (to go get the zip files) on the web page : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Create_Animations_with_Poser (....it's my 3rd post today..so far just vague answers and not solutions) thanks for trying to help
  4. when you click Here it doesn't redirect you to any zip files...does it?
  5. yes but you don't click download (here) ...so it's no answer to my problem
  6. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Create_Animations_with_Poser this web won't load...why?...everywhere i go it returns me to same old wiki which won't load 404 error appears...the server can't find the file or something like that
  7. i can't reset my pass...i get this message "Are you having a little trouble with your password or security question? We can get this straightened out by talking to you." if i submit a case they say "case closed" because my account is basic* and i don't fit the issues to be solved for basic accounts* i don't live in a developed country and i don't even own paypal. How am i supposed to solve this one out?
  8. okay ty Peewee i got patience...but i don't know how much =\
  9. i have a week since i posted my 1st case and got no answers nor help from LL my password was changed by a hijacker and i blocked the account by "not knowing what was my pet's name since 2 yrs ago". I can't log onto my account to see the case progress and no reply to my mails from LL so far What do i do?...keep on waiting? ...if you'll say call again the info number they make me submit another case....and again no answers does anyone deal with this type of cases?
  10. i got sending spam to groups while offline and realised ...someone stole my acc when i was logged out for no reason now i know my acc was hijacked and i have it on hold...what do i do next?
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