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  1. I'm curious which streaming sites allow you to stream adult material webcams.  My idea is to create a stripping room.. with a pole and a dancer.. with her webcam in the background to sort of give it the RL gentleman's club feel.  Strip for tips obviously..


    Anyways,  I can't seem to find a site that allows adult material..   I know of tinychat.. you can set the rooms private and to not display in their rooms list.. so it doesn't allow anyone unwanted to pop in..   However, I tried this in game and when you turn on media to view the cam on the object.. it asks you to enter a chat room nickname and that overlaps the cam so you cant see anything..

    So if anyone knows of other sites that would allow me to accomplish my goal plz fill me in.   Another site is cam4.. but anyone on the internet can pop in to that so I'm not wanting to go that route

    I guess a last resort could be to make the object web page interactible? Where its basiclly the website on the object that actually lets you click and login..  not sure if that's even possible and I definately would not know how to go about setting that up lol


    Anyways, all help is greatly appreciated



    Edit to response: I have a shoutcast server for SL.. and DJ software that I stream music with..

    Which software lets you stream a webcam? And how do I know if my shoutcast server is video compatible?

  2. All of my jeans seemed to look fine until just a little while ago.   What's happening is, the texture goes dark from a little under the knee down.. really dark, so you cant see the texture of the jeans. And it does it in a weird pattern on the backside too.   And its the same patter no matter what jeans I have on, and no matter who made them..

    I'm using Phoenix. I also just tried it in V2 and it's happening there too..   

    Maybe thats how they are made and I'm just now noticing it?  I'm sure I would of caught it sooner.. I'm picky about those things lol


    Any ideas?



    edit: I checked the pictures of the items in the stores.. and they aren't dark like that in the pics =/

  3. I see everyone with cool characters in their display name..   I found a notecard with these symbols..

    But when I get mine looking how I want it, I paste it into the area where you change your display name,  but it's telling me I have invalid characters in it :(

    Spent alot of time makin it look good too! lol


    This is what I'm trying to use:

    Ɗ˩ Ⱳhíţϵ 乃øⅈ

  4. I just wan't to check something in an IM log..  I have logging enabled and it's saved to my AppData/roaming/secondlife/logs


    But I don't see it in the folder and I have hidden files/folders enabled because AppData is a hidden folder.


    I know its working because when I log in I can see a brief IM history from people..     I've tried searching chat.log   chatlog,  IM.log, and IMlog   but it's not finding anything on my system


    Where else could it be?  And it is a .txt document right?



    EDIT: Ok I found them.. I checked my toons folder and they werent there the first time,  maybe I clicked my alt by accident =P  

    And still they didn't get saved to the exact destination listed in the directory, but oh well i like it better this way

  5. I want to get into animating and try to make some cool dance moves. Yea there's probably a ton out there already, so what! lol  

    I've only been able to find one program so far and that is Qavimator.. I'm not sure if I like the feel of that program.. my big complaint on it, is that the window which where you see the dummy is tiny, even in full screen mode..  That's probably resizeable somehow?


    Anyways, are there any good ones out there? Which do you prefer?   I was hopeing to stick in the ''free'' range.. but if some are reasonably priced... I may consider




  6. Maybe its phoenix idk but the last pic I had up worked just fine. Anyways. I choose local and then my pic. It shows up and shows the dimensions and everything. So I select and accept changes. But when I click the Orange button beside my profile pic to see it in a bigger window.. it pops up and shows my pic but it says zero dimensions at the bottom.. and noone is able to see it. It just says loading and its all grey Is it a bug n I should just wait it out. Or am I doing something wrong?
  7. I spent 3 days making sort of a logo/image for my upcomming store. I wanted to use it on the marketplace for my product images (sense they are just gestures anyways)

    It looks like the dimensions of the one I made are 504X360 with 72 dpi and a bit depth of 24. Which is small for the marketplace. 700x500 is recommended.

    http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2wn1f2v&s=7  is a pic of it


    I tried using freetransform on it in photoshop to make it bigger.. but the quality gets worse. 

    I guess I have 3 questions for everyone:  1. What would be the best solution to resize and still have good quality?

                                                                     2. What should I set the dimensions as in photoshop to make the document                                                                                  compatible with the marketplace? 700x500? But what about the resolution tab?

                                                                     3. How should I set the settings in photoshop to give me the best quality pic to                                                                                upload directly in SL?

  8. Thnx for the comments all. I do have the time and will power to learn. That's not the issue. I am just a terrible artist and no training in the world can turn me into one lol.. I guess art isn't my Passion and I have no desire for it... i just have a good imagination I suppose. On the other hand, I do make my own gestures.. and then I realised I love my music enough to where I could see myself DJing.. but I can't figure out how to do certain things in the software and I only have a free server which takes forever to load and don't have the money for a good shoutcast.. so I was kind of hoping to start small n work my way up :P. And yes their are a ton of male boardshorts out there.. but nothing that jumps out at me =/

  9. Right now I have 1 idea of a pair of men's board shorts that I think would probably sell really well (if your well known).  I know I can't design these myself as I am no aritst(I can make some good gestures tho),   and even if I did.. Noone would hear about them as I am a small Avi in a big world.

    That is where you come in.  I give you the detailed idea.. you create, and sell them right out of your store, and hopefully let me put them up for sale as well in my small marketplace store(with a link to your store)   I was thinking we could split the profits if they start selling 40%(me) 60%(you) Negotiable


    If anyone is interested please contact me in game via IM or just send me a notecard or something. 


    Thank you for your time

  10. Topic says it all.. with that said.. I had a business thought. Would it be possible for me to give my idea to (x) store/designer/clothing maker person lol.. and have them make my product and have them sell it and split the profit? They would make more than me obviously sense they created the product.. Anyways, how would 1 go about doing this? The first item would be a pair of men's board shorts.. so if popular beachwear store or other store would want to work together let me know. Or @ least point me in the right direction on how to go about doing so Thanks for your time
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