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  1. Hi everyone! My name is Kolby, and I am currently looking to adopt a new family member! You can be a son, daughter, cousin, grandparent, whatever you want!! Our family is looking for new members to keep SL a fun and exciting place for all of us! We will always have your back if you ever get into something that you cannot handle :) Please message me inworld if you are interested!! ♥Kolby
  2. Pixel City is an RP sim that I go to. It has a school, and they teach everything from Ballet to building to scripting. You should check it out. Classes are 50L a month, but they are worth it Goodluck, Kolby
  3. *You can save an outfit with Viewer 2* Go to the right side of your viewer and there is a shirt icon, click it and at the bottom of the panel is "Save outfit as..." I do it all the time and I always use viewer 2. Goodluck Kolby
  4. Hmm, those seem like XOPHs exploding noobs, is that what they are? , im sure your not an exploding noob though :robottongue:
  5. Hi Ruud! When I had this problem, I increased my bandwith under Preferences, and it seems to have fixed the problem. But be careful, if you are an AT&T subscriber, they are limiting your monthly bandwith, so be careful not to allow SL to take to much. Goodluck! Kolby
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