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  1. I want to join the rant.... Let me start by saying that I'm very smart. I started playing second life a little more than 7 years ago and found it to be a worthy diversion. After learning LSL I created several anti-greefer tools, spearheaded a special plugin for Lightwave 3D that allowed the creation of complex sculpted prims with a high level of quality. I built things for friends and strangers that are still being duplicated and shared amongst thousands of SL players. I actively advertised how cool SL was to colleagues, friends and strangers. After a little less than a year, and some fateful client or server software update, SL started crashing ALL THE TIME! I started trying new clients. Working with every suggestion in the book and a few I invented myself. I was only able to reduce the crashes by a tiny fraction. I had amassed a nice pile of Linden$ and friends. I bid farewell to them all... until just recently. So here I am, over 6 years later cringing at the horrible coding and short sighted implementation of the whole thing. STILL CRASHING! There were a few super-humans like myself that just up-ended the whole endeavor. It's my feeling that SL doesn't deserve my participation. It sounds conceited, but I assure you there are many more like me you've lost. It's hard to calculate what we may have accomplished if the software wasn't a steaming pile of crap.
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