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    I will keep all advice in mind thanks
  2. Corial


    Oh I see, then my 17329 verticles are multiplied x times over when I try to upload... makes sense then that I go over the limit! Thank you
  3. Corial


    I do not know wat HAVOC is but I can tell you the following; I use the standard SL viewer, I applied a subdivision modifier to my work but that is already on the object and the 17329 verticles in blender is the result of it, I export with blender via export:collada(default), and choose operator preset SL+Open sim static and export to SL/opensim in the options menu and I have done nothing else but choose upload:model in Sl itself. Edit: Also in the export menu op blender is a "use modifiers" option but unchecking that one does not make a difference
  4. Corial


    I have created an object in blender 2.79b and wish to upload it to the beta grid for testing purposes. In blender the item has 17329 verticles or vertexes. However, when I try to upload I get the error vertex number is more then 65534, aborted! Can anyone help me with this problem?
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