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  1. well most of her items are "No copy" so putting them into a folder isn't possible and when I have attempted "drag and drop" into a new folder her outfit/skin, etc never goes anywhere so its more of a matter of me remembering what she wears lol... But regardless the fix you sent me and the landmark...well they worked she has her normal clothes and skin on now and it's going fine so far. thank you very much!!
  2. I have had my SL account for 6 YEARS and just now it doesn't work...I have tried uninstall/reinstall three times..turns out my alternate account works just fine, but my old one does not? I have the same cloud issue others have reported, however there is no "Advanced" option within my viewer so I am unable to make it load the defaults?? I am upset because I was meeting a friend in game and wasn't able to. My friend couldn't see my character, though I was standing right in front of him?!? Any help would be appreciated! I can see everyone elses avatars but my own...and no it isnt a gra
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