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  1. Hi Eros:

    Many of these urban dark-near-future sims that have fantasy elements inside reminds of the tabletop game called SHADOWRUN.

    Do a search on the web under SHADOWRUN and look over the fashion on some of these urban magi. Good ideas...


  2. Perception can screw up people's minds.

    If she is thought of as a lover, yes there can be some inadequacies.

    However, if she was thought more as a friend (If you two are not intimate), I think a close friend would be more suitably less stressful or less inadequate to socialize with.

    (Too many times I have encountered guys in RL and SL who thought dating me once or twice makes me theirs....dating is still a friendly get-together unless both of us take the next step to get closer.)


  3. I would not want to compare SL to a chatroom, but a chatroom with virtual sims is what SL is.

    I used to be in the chatroom stuff before, people would come and go without any warning.

    Maybe some would come back after a long period of time or under a different username.

    SL offers a lot of visual representations + activities that does offer a lot more opportunities to be more attached to that certain person instead of just reading words going back and forth (I know merely exchanging words can make some people, not me, attached to that certain person)







  4. Dwarf shemale?

    Wow, that is exotic...without even trying you got a new alt, although temporary.

    Enjoy playing it and enjoy the new sort of attention you attract.



  5. Welcome to SL!

    I am only a couple of months old, but have been to many places and made many friends and admirers in my short time.

    At first, I did not know where to start...I did not have a game plan on what I wanted to accomplish on SL...I just dove into the water.

    First off, you might want to write up your profile so people who click on you will know you a bit better.

    Second, add pics of your avatar as a profile pic.

    Third, go to places that interest you, join a few groups there.

    Shop around at a freebie marketplace and get some clothes/apparel, a new skin/shape, anything to make yourself look less like a noob and more like fitting in.

    So far, this is all looks and profile I am speaking of, in my experience how your avatar looks and how your profile is seen determines how much social interaction goes with first contact.

    I am normally a sociable person in RL and SL, i received more responses when I rid myself of my noob status.


    In terms of places to go,  SL area that pique your interests may not be popular with other people, so many places may be devoid of any life (been there, done that).

    Try to go to places like clubs if that is your scene, malls, concerts if you like that. 

    Go to destination guide and look under the pull-down menu "Popular Places"

    It might be hard to teleport to due to many people being there, but its a start.


    I met many friends and dates at those popular places.

    Have fun!


  6. Depending on how SL is viewed, some people prefer to make their SL avi look like themselves to essentially roleplay in stuff that they cannot do in RL. They even have RL info on their profile.

    Others enjoy the roleplaying aspect of SL and make themselves look like someone or something they are not in RL, expressing their closet selves. These may have profiles that ask not to ask them on their RL self.

    The few others are those that are liars, they can take any form: their SL avi can look their RL selves or not, but how they act and talk is a deception. Their profile can say anything from truth or lie.

    SL is fun but friends on SL may not be who they are or what they look like in RL...so take everything with a grain of salt.

    You can chat and do stuff with your friends, but do not assume that a male avi could not be female in RL, or a "single male" avi could not be romancing female avis behind his RL wife's back.

    Like you said, just dont mix RL into SL.



  7. The cloak from Final Fantasy Advent Children looks to be a generic cotton-made cloak of a grey color.

    Use destination guide and do a search for grey cloaks, depending on the quality of the prim, price will vary.


    Fantasy roleplay stores also have a good amount of cloaks.

  8. Nalates gives good advice on this.

    My simple method that I follow:

    1. Try to do a search for the store on destination guide and try to buy the items in-world to avoid this matter

    2. If items needs to be bought through xstreets and you do not get it after confirming the item was so-called delivered, try to IM the seller in-world.

    3. If no response from seller in 1-2 days, send notecard.


    **#1 is the main one, buy in-world if you are able to do so.**

  9. Typically if its a high population area, rezzing will take time.

    Another factor is if you are trying to rez next to a lot of people.

    If I am in a popular area, I head for a deserted area, strip down to nothing, and click to wear each piece of clothing individually. This way, I am not loading all of my prims as ahuge bulk, kind of like dumping an entire bucket of water in a funnel versus slowly pouring the water into the same funnel.

    If your have any animated or bling, wear them last.



  10. Started off with the generic female student, shopped for a bit in a freebie marketplace, buying and testing several skins.

    Did some experimenting on my shape, also asking for advice from innocent bystanders who were very nice.

    Through one of my newfound friends, I was offered a free upgrade, no strings attached.

    He treated me to a new skin, hair, eyes, the whole buffet at LAQ, just so he can see me as beautiful.

    Since then, I do some minor changes to my eyes, hair color, and hairstyle depending on clothes that I buy.

  11. The Destination Guide helps a ton.

    When I first started, I did a POPULAR PLACES search and it displayed many places to choose from.

    Try that method, then visit a handful of them and see which few appeals to you best.


    I have a few places as landmarks per personal choice, the rest of them were recommended by newfound friends.

  12. My friends list is based on amount of interaction.

    I am not so eager to build up my friends list to some x amount, some people just accept and accept till they hit some high number....and it means nothing, like having 5000 pals on Facebook or MySpace, why have that many when you are not going to keep in contact with all of them...

    I used to have 50 friends in MySpace, I actually wrote 50 messages, 1 for every friend each week (none were copy-paste). Over half did not respond to several messages after I took the time to write them something. So I deleted them, the number of contacts or friends do not mean anything other than some ego thing.

    Considering the number of people on SL, most will forget who you are unless you actually stay in contact..and most people stay in contact with a handful of people at most.

    I get guys adding me before they even talk to me...I tel them that I do not add unless I get to know them first....I am not some habitual add-ho. 

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  13. I make friends in SL to chat with and do things with, does not have the same rules of RL friends.

    Just have fun, other in SL there is no other interaction involved, so why put the same amount of trust in SL vs. someone you know in RL?

    Personally I do not care if they lie, I am here for having fun, not trying to become real friends....at most, if you want to be pals, be chat pals on yahoo or some other IM program outside of SL.

    It only hurts if you let it hurt you, or if you place too much trust in a computer game.

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