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  1. Am I the only person in SL who finds My Marketplace impossible to crack? Thorley doesn't help, Wiki is worse and the general Google pages fail to unravel the mystery of how I can place a simple ad for my store. What I really need is a step-by-step account. If you know of such a thing, could you please point me in that direction? Thanks a million.
  2. I can't seem to get a painting to hang parallel to the wall. The rotating tool is a menace and I refuse to believe that people can actually work with it. Is there a better way?
  3. Thank you for that, Irene. Astonishingly quick response.
  4. Is there a recent article on exactly how to open a store in Marketplace? Preferably one that does not assume prior knowledge or familiarity with computer slang.
  5. Does anyone know how to make a cube with 5 black sides and 1 white side?
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