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  1. Ah HAH! I deactivated all my gestures from another/older viewer and then I was able to login (way too many gestures) So, if you're having trouble try that!
  2. Viewer 3, Windows 7, intel core i5, 8gb RAM, nvigia geforce gt 240 (1gb gddr5), fresh install, all drivers updated, no problems previous to 3.0... I had to uninstall viewer 2 and delete the second life cache and user settings directories before it would work the first time... Then someone used a crasher at an infohub and I came back to a "Quit or View IM" screen, would not work after that (only for this account) I have another account I can login no problems, which is strange. I can still login this account on phoenix viewer with no problems... I tried and tried to get this account back into the official viewer and no cigar... Although other accounts are able to login which is what I don't understand.
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