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  1. http://www.firestormviewer.org website not working, wont open on my browser
  2. The parcel ID is c89d31b6-ff98-9108-44b8-d0ff817b6768 the owners name is Governor Linden, the name and location is ELCONDOR (14,209,72) name of house is Valenica's Pad, my name is Valenica. The sim and or land is very very laggy stuck in one spot can't move after tping there, hard to tp out sometime I have to log off and end up in a noobie port, which is aweful. I have a paid account so I would really like if you would find time to fix this problem. If you need any other info just IM me or leave message in IM box or on notecard. Thank you, Valenica Wardark
  3. how do I quit reciving notices in my email
  4. Valenica

    still not working

    Still not loading correctly, my clothes, hair and shoes, when clicked on says "restore to last position" does not say wear or add. someone left me this answer yesterday Please clear your cache and then relog, changing your start login location on your login screen to Furball or Quarrel. Open your inventory window and wait for it to load. It can take several minutes, so please be patient. I did what they said but still nothing. Please help! When I right click on item it says restore to last postion this is what is highlighted, add and wear is not highlighted´╗┐
  5. Nothing will load like my clothes and my hair or shoes, say restore to last position. Please help!
  6. I changed bank accounts now I need to pay my preium sl account with new card how do I do that?
  7. How come the add to cart as gift is not working?
  8. I am a female was partner to what I thought was a female, in game. Come to find out she is a he in real life, what can be done about this? I have note card and a confession from him that he plays female to have sex with females in game. My friends told me that it is called rape (unwilling)
  9. Valenica


    I cleaned out my cache, but now my avatar won't load correctly and he can't move or say anything, or hear sounds.
  10. One of my avatars he loads but when I try to change his skin or shape it says you cant do that until he is fully loaded. Please Help. Another on of my avatars is stuck he wont move or use anything in his inventory and chatting does not work, and the room never seems to load, lots of GRAY. Please help, I feel like quitting the game
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