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  1. Disconnecting the modem and reconnecting it seems to have helped the clothing issue, but how my gf's avi appears as Ruth to me and others, but as her good avi to her. What the heck is going on? She appears as a newbie now.
  2. My girlfriend's avi appears completely or mostly nude to me and others, but appears clothed to her. Changing clothes or avis doesn't help. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to resolve this problem?
  3. I have a pair of boots which are adjustable in size, up or down, by .5%, 1%, or 5% at a time. So, it's easy to change the size of the boots. But................on some pairs of pants if I get the boots small enough so they don't bleed through the pants, then the avi skin is bleeding through the boot. There doesn't appear to be a way to fix this, other than not wearing those boots with those pair of pants. Reducing the size of the feet is an option, but then will the feet look too small and out of proportion to the overall look of the avi? And with each new pair of pants and boots/shoes new challenges arise. Apparrently the solution is to spend tens of thousands of lindens buying all kinds of boots/shoes, and pants to experiment with what works and what doesn't? So much of the money is wasted on clothes that don;'t work and some that do. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. As they said when the space shuttle Challenger blew up a minute after launch, "Obviously a major malfunction." Kind of an understatement, don't you think?
  5. I'm not aware of doing anything wrong. Didn't say or do anything malicious. Also, I didn't receive anything by email or any other way explaining why the ban. I'd like to understand why this happened, but if the authorities are silent about it I can't learn from the experience, since I'm not aware of doing anything wrong. An explanation would be appreciated. Thanks everyone for your replles. I did nothing inappropriate. I guess the sim owner didn't like my voicing dislike about what appeared to be spam continually showing up in chat. I left that sim because it was popping up every 15 seconds or so. But I did voice my disapproval in an assertive, appropriate manner. I assume they took offense at that. I had been going to that sim since April 1 when I joined SL. However, if someone is going to ban me for my age (58), or no reason at all, I'll forget about coming on here. You do that to enough people, and you won't have anyone wanting to participate.. To ban someone for no reason at all is obviously unjust, whether they can do it or not. Power does not equal ethical or fair behavior. Also, the no explanation provided doesn't sit well with me at all. If Linden doesn't want my money or care that I am well behaved on here, so be it. I'm not a doormat and won't be treated like one. Providing no explanation for your actions is simply wrong. I don't care who you are.
  6. For some reason the other person's post disappeared after I posted to yours. This all makes no sense to me. Why would that post disappear? In regards to the comment in that post that red light center is a much more limited application, what good is an application which is more expansive if it in effect doesn't work adequately for you? The avatars are much more life like there, there is little lag, and it is getting so large that there aren't many people at any one location at any given time. IT works a lot better on my laptop than second life, much, much better. I can edit videos on my laptop very effectively with editing, sound, etc. It is a powerful system. Why the problems with second life I have no clue. But I do find the advice given but not applicable to me frustrating. I had people telling me to access a certain function within the viewer to clear the cache and that function, "network" was not there. This has been a very disappointing experience. Sorry, guys, but that's my report card for second life.
  7. Thank you for your help. The link to the lag tips is out of date. It says to select help, then lag meter. There is no lag meter under my help. I assume they have updated the viewer since this article was written. So, I have no clue how to locate the lag meter or if it exists anymore. This has been one of my frustrations. Advice given to me I can't execute because others' viewers are different than mine, older. Thanks for your reply, It is appreciated.
  8. I have an ASUS N80Vm series laptop with an Intel Core Duo P8400 CPU running at 2.26Ghz. I have an Nvidia GeForce 9600M GS video card with 1 Gig of memory (that's right, 1 Gig, not a typo), 4 Gigs or Ram, and a 320Gig hard disk drive. So, unless it's my internet service provider, I dont' understand why I can't get a decent experience like many of the other folks on here. My provider is Clearnet wireless and the speed is only 1.5 megabits per second. I've been on red lght center for 2 years with very little problems. The avatars look much better, no refresh rate problems, and no "clear cache" problems. I never have to clear a cache on there. So, why the heck do I have problems on second life? And what is this clear cache thing? Why can red light center operate as they do without the need for this and second life can't? I am totally frustrated at this point and ready to right off second life as an inferior piece of software that mimicks what software was like in the early 1980s. Sorry, but I am upset. Thanks for all the comments. I am doing much better now (4-30-11). Think the router was a problem, had it tuned up via Cisco sytems techie. BTW, is there any way for me to make a post on my own thread without editing the original question? Thanks.
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