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  1. I have preference to FORUM CONFIDENTIAL. They write the headlines and let you write the truth via letters to the editors about SL forum life.
  2. I smell a headline. /backs out slowly while capturing screenshots.
  3. Perrie Juran wrote: I got E Mails today from Jerry Springer & Maury Pouvich inviting me to their shows. Which should I choose? I would choose the FORUM CONFIDENTIAL. FC gives you wider SL coverage, its only a click away.
  4. In addition to Immy's wonderful blog you can give the forum confidential a whirl. Not for the weak of heart, but always good for a few laughs.
  5. The moderation may appear heavy on this forum, but to me the other fora seem to be about ego and on-going flame wars. We did a blog post today about an incident on SLU--I don't think anyone cares for animadversion responses laced with invectives. Many people left GD for SLU because of the nastiness that was perceived on GD. I think it exists on other fora more than in GD. I also think the moderation here has gotten a lot better in past weeks. TC
  6. Why do some SL residents post to this official forum and shun others. Conversely, why do some participate is SLO, SLU, SCII, and not post here; what is the attraction? Do you think you will post to this forum more often now that GD is back? What differentiates the fora from each other? Why do you like it here?
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