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  1. I was using password with @#$ etc in combination with letters & numbers. However, I changed it to very simple alpha password.
  2. Thanks for the answers. I understand that, due to Anti Virus or Firewall, these problems can occur. However, I completely switched off my anti virus and at one time even uninstalled the anti virus software. Although, with the same anti virus setting I was able to login before this incident. So even anti virus in not the case. Now the only thing remained to check is that whether my ISP is blocking certain ports. Can anyone tell me that what are the most widely used ports for SL? Thanks for your support and answers.
  3. I can login to the main website but I am not able to login to the SL Viewer despite entering correct username/password. Already contacted Customer Service several times, and the only resolution they have is to change password. Can some one here help with possible resolution? The error is "Login Failed. Sorry we could not log you on. Please check to make sure that you entered correct user name and password. Also, please make sure your caps lock key is off". The error started after I downloaded latest viewer from SL website and purchased my Linden Home and made changes to the home. My character is probably stuck at my home. Here are the steps which I have already done: 1. Changed password three times on SL website. 2. Changed Region and tried to login to a different region 3. Tried to login in Basic & Adavanced mode 4. Uninstalled SL Viewer and Installed it again. 5. Tried third party viewers like Imprudence. 6. Cleared all cache including DNS cache. Now, completly out of ideas. Edit: Now the situation is even funnier. Created a new username/password. And I get the same error for this account as well. Is my IP banned?
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