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  1. Thanks again peewee..did that but the problem still persists :-( now it keeps crashing! and I keep losing inventory offers and gifts! more reasons to thank SL ... << getting quite upset now....sighs..
  2. Hello again Peewee.. a new window pops up (like a browser) and nothing there! so Yes I suppose.. completely blank! nothing in there whatsoever..same probem with the search feature as well!
  3. Thanks Peewee...I still need to get used to it but certainly much easier than V1 :-) I just can't understand why V2.5 2.6 are released with all these issues! Thanks again..
  4. Thanks Ishtara..the problem is I got used to V2.. I tried Phoenix but I got lost as I am used to V2..besides..I bought a lot of goods that can only be used with V2
  5. ... (not even mine!).. I have V2 and I allow it to download updates automatically..any suggestions or solutions??
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